Monday 20 August 2007

The launch

Malaysian Politicians Say the Darndest Things will be launched on

Sunday, 16 September
Gallery One, The Annexe, Central Market Kuala Lumpur.

The book will be on sale for RM20. Murah je bang.

All are welcome.

We will also be happy to do home deliveries on that day, provided you live in the Klang Valley and are buying at least 5 copies! Please send your address and contact number to and we will get back to you pronto.

We are also working on selling it at other venues at different times of that day itself. Details will be posted here when we have 'em. For the reasons set down below, this first edition of 1,000 copies will not be sold in bookshops.

If there is sufficient demand, we can even work out one of them Maybank2u postal-delivery deals.

Review copies will be given earlier to a few media outlets like Malaysiakini, but other than that, no copies will be available before the date.


M. Bakri Musa said...

Dear Amir:

Congratulations on your new website! Now readers have a place to go if they were looking for your old favorites.

One suggestion:

When you post your old NST columns, could you post them in their their original submitted form, and then highlight the "edited" parts. In that way, your readers could pick up a tip or two on the finer skills of editing. Just in case they do not get my subtlety, I will rephrase that last sentence. By publishing your essays in their submitted form and then highlighting the parts "edited" out, you will show how those so-called editors at NST butchered your piece.

M. Bakri Musa


bibliobibuli said...

congrats Amir. i missed the news about your launch or would have been there. biggest congrats and can't wait to pick up a copy.

Amir Muhammad said...

Erm, the launch is next month Sharon, plenty of time for you to make it :-)

Ari said...

Not even at Silverfish? Can't you make exception?

Amir Muhammad said...

The second print run should definitely be in bookshops. It's just the first edition that I want to hawk myself. We will be selling it at several venues on the launch day, so do stay tuned!

Chet said...

Amir - 5 copies for me, please. Thanks. Chet

Amir Muhammad said...

Hello Chet! Do you want the books posted to you? Simply send the dough to Maybank2u 014105120512 and we will post them on Friday, 14 Sep. (Free delivery!) But of course you will need to email your address to


nurulazreenazlan said...

hi amir. how can i get hold of a copy of this excellent book? i'm currently residing in london.

can i buy it on amazon?

Amir Muhammad said...

I hope the 2nd printing will indeed be on Amazon but this will depend on the eventual distributor :-)

Anonymous said...

i would love to be there at your book launching however i will ot be in the country on that day.
is there any other way to purchase this book? i understand in order to get the book delivered you'll have to purchase 5 copies. can i pay for the book now if i only want a copy and i'll come to wherever your office/stall/store is and collect once i'm back in the country?

Amir Muhammad said...

sure, you can make a payment to maybank2u and we will post it to your local address. the minimum 5 copies is only if you want us to hand-deliver it on that day :-)

Amir Muhammad said...

Check out the other activities at the Annexe in the days leading up to the launch. Too bad they got the name of the book a bit wrong...

Anonymous said...

Ya interesting.
There is another new book just published by a writer from Sabah title: I Beg To Differ
Have a look.

ling said...

Hi Amir, just want to know if I don't get to buy it at the launch, how much would your book cost?

P/s: I'm sorry about your column's ban :(

Amir Muhammad said...

The bookstore price is RM30.