Monday 9 August 2010

How to get the remaining copies of the first edition

I have 73 copies left of the first edition of 120 Malay Movies. (I had 75 this morning.) If you'd like to order directly from me, fret not! you can still do so.

Email to order directly from me. Offer valid for Malaysian residents only, alas. Because people overseas have Amazon!

The first edition is also stocked in the following shops (each has fewer than 50 copies):

1. Kinokuniya KLCC
2. Silverfish Books
3. Da Huang Pictures
4. Kinibooks

The second edition, when it eventually comes out, will be more widely available.

Three reviews are now online:
- Farish A. Noor
- The Malaysian Reader
- Ajami Hashim (even though he says he hasn't finished it yet).

I have started writing a new book (it is not cinema-related). Extracts from the first draft will be posted online, on a daily basis, starting Wednesday Monday 16 August. Selamat menyambut bulan Ramadhan, yo!

* photo by Liza Manshoor from the KL launch.


Anonymous said...

I have a story to tell, how can I tell you?

Amir Muhammad said...

Blog it and link it?

Anonymous said...

i don't have a blog, but if you like to hear it do drop me an hope it could be inspiration for a malaysian made movie..

Amir Muhammad said...

I hope it could be! But I am not making any movies until I have finished writing 10 books. So I have ... let's see ... yes, seven to go. Insya-Allah.

Faizah Roslaini said...

Salam En Amir,

Buku ini ada lagi ke? Saya ini baru terkedek-kedek hendak beli.

Amir Muhammad said...

Ada, tapi edisi kedua.

Silalah hantar emel ke:


Faizah Roslaini said...

Wah. Cepatnya balas. Terima kasih.

Sekarang juga saya email.