Wednesday 13 February 2008

Extracts in The Sun

Starting today, theSun newspaper will run weekly extracts from all of the essays (with the exception of Brian's, which is already printed in Off the Edge).

For my own piece, I chose not an extract. Why not? Because any 900-word continuous stream of words from it would definitely require at least one term that a Malaysian newspaper would need to print with discreet asterisks, such as 'c***i' (which, as a rhetorical strategy, is less effective that 'cibai') or 'ci***' (which would cause unneeded ambiguity, as folks across the land will wonder: Does he mean 'cibai' or 'cipap'?)

So I wrote something new that manages to avoid any such word. The heading now has an extra, and intended, piquancy.


kimster said...

good one, this.

Ng Yi-Sheng said...

We say samseng and yam seng in Singapore, too. :)