Sunday 14 December 2008

Indie Shack 20-21 December

In conjunction with The Annexe's ART FOR GRABS XMAS SPECIAL, new independent movies from Malaysia, Indonesia & Singapore will be screened & discussed!

There will also be booths for DVDs and books by the likes of Da Huang Pictures, Gerakbudaya & Matahari Books. Enough to make you jolly indeed.

Admission: RM5 for each movie or RM10 per day. Let's shack up!

Sat 20 Dec

12pm – LUCKY 7 (Various directors/Singapore)
Seven directors, one actor, an experimental compendium. Mature content. Viewer discretion advised. Website here.

2pm – MALAYSIAN GODS – all new version (Amir Muhammad/Malaysia)
A ‘tour’ of Kuala Lumpur, to mark the 10th anniversary of Malaysia’s Reformasi movement. In Tamil (with subtitles).

4pm – FILMMAKERS ANONYMOUS TIKAM-TIKAM (Various directors/Malaysia)
Random short films from previous FA now curated… by chance! (ADMISSION FREE)

6pm – 9808 (Various directors/Indonesia)
A compilation of 10 short films by 10 directors to mark the 10th anniversary of Indonesia’s Reformasi movement. Website here.

Sun 21 Dec

12pm – THE ELEPHANT & THE SEA (Woo Ming Jin/Malaysia)
Award-winning feature about a coastal town after a mysterious epidemic. Website here.

2pm – ALL MY FAILED ATTEMPTS (Tan Chui Mui/Malaysia)
Shorts made by the award-winning filmmaker during the past year. Shown together for the first time.

4pm – FILMMAKERS ANONYMOUS 8 (Various directors/Malaysia)
The latest short films by local filmmakers – all proudly uncurated! (ADMISSION FREE)

6pm – BABI BUTA YANG INGIN TERBANG (Edwin/Indonesia)
Oblique tale of the Chinese in Indonesia. Mature content. Viewer discretion advised. Official website here.

You can confirm your attendance on the Facebook event page.

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amir. buku udah sampey.
woah, tak berkesempatan nak pg! lol. ke jb hari itu.