Thursday, 17 June 2010

10 haiku for KL driving

Stuck in traffic jam
You can control your road rage
But not your bladder 

Your IQ shoots up
Listening to BFM
In a SMART tunnel

Guy in the next car
Do you know him from somewhere?
Green light; moment lost

A tall hitchhiker
Is he safe or dangerous?
Someone might find out

Whoever can solve
Our taxi-getting problems:
Stand for elections!

Think of the farmers
They are blessing this downpour
We are in gridlock

Streets are newly-washed
Huddled motorbike riders
Start leaving shelter.

A brave spotted cat
Starts crossing a busy road
Drivers, please be kind!

Cars barely moving
There might be an accident
Misused for 4D

"Beep!" exclaims your phone
You text: "OTW"
Your friend will get it


Uthaya Sankar SB said...


P/S: Did the spotted cat make it?

Obefiend Weiland said...

it aint haiku if there is no reference to the season eh?

i read about that somewhere

also I don't really GET haiku. poem it is not. clever it never is


but i like pantun 2 kerat. that's as close to a Haiku that i will ever get!

abdullahjones said...


Unknown said...

bloody sms, can't help it sometimes. haha!

Daisy Wylde said...

never get stuck in a jam on a rainy day in KL!! horror!

Abesa007 said...

nice one!

i never know that listening to BFM can boost your IQ?

Guess i'll be tuning in every night before I sit for anatomy and genetic papers~ Lol