Wednesday 29 October 2008

Fun for the weekend

On Friday night I will be at our book launch, of course. Jom!

On Saturday night I will attend this:

It's a free screening of local short movies by a bunch of bright young things. Jom!

On Sunday morning I will take part in this:

This will be my first Terry Fox run and I hope not the last. Entrance is with the purchase of a RM25 t-shirt. Jom!

And I have tickets for the Sunday night show of this:

Erm, jom!


sinaganaga said...

Jommmmmmmmmmmmmmm! Ha ha.

Ted Mahsun said...

Amir! You're such a bundle of energy! How do you stay fit and trim!

Azwan Ismail said...

I will be at all the events too, except the theater (because I'm planning to go the Readings at NBT on Sunday night). And maybe gonna do some clubbing and/or going to jazz gig in between :-)

Amir Muhammad said...

See? Azwan is more energetic!