Saturday 3 November 2007

Now in libraries

This probably isn't the coolest thing to get excited about, but so what? I should be one to talk.* The book can be found in the PJ Community Library!!! How efficient of 'em to keep an online database. So if you are too sengkek or pokai to buy it, get thee to a library!

*I was a librarian in secondary school. It was compulsory to join at least one uniformed association. All the cool (or hot) boys were in the Band or the Cadets. I got chucked out of both the Red Crescent [for failing a multiple-choice Biology exam] and Scouts [for failing to learn more than one way to tie a knot] before finding my true home!


Anonymous said...

wait, your librarians at school have uniforms?? hebatnye.

Anonymous said...

hmmm.....maybe you should allow the Malays papers to use you too! Do a translation of what u do in English and publish in the Malay papers. :)