Monday 5 May 2008

Madonna's disappearing cleavage

I enjoyed flipping through the newly launched Malay Mail today, but reaching page 35 made me realise something was missing:

Madonna's boobs!

This is what a scanned photo from the page looks like:

And this is the actual photo from her CD:

Just a few hours after we celebrated World Press Freedom Day, I am shocked, *shocked* that the Malaysian media is still in shackles. No wonder we are ranked only #124 in that global press-freedom thingy. I hope the various NGOs who issue all those press releases (you know who you are!) will get furiously typing.

True, not everyone is a fan of the photographs adorning this CD (a young Canadian friend of mine said he felt "scared and confused") but there's no denying Madonna is old enough to decide these things. It's the principle that counts, damnit!

Remember folks: If they can do this to a famous anatomical part of an international celeb, just think of what they could do to YOUR bits someday. So look at the photos again, and be afraid. Mwahahaha!


Anonymous said...

How could they censor her madgesty the queen?!

Tis is completely intolerable. Withdraw their permit!

Anonymous said...

hahhaha .... it's a horror story in itself.

Who's afraid of the big bad boobs?

How could anyone be afraid or get so offended by them anyway? They're just ... boobs

Anonymous said...


tetek palsu memang wajar di tiadakan.

Kami mahu tetek asli walaupun sudah lanjut.

penchinta tetek asli.

bibliobibuli said...

this is terrible! thanks for revealing the malay mail's boob!

i've noticed cleavages getting fuzzied out on the bbc and it annoys me like hell.

Greg Wee said...

Maybe Malay Mail just thought that they'd be too grandma-ish now to show.

Zamri Mohamad said...

This is what we call, "Tak apa" attitude!


Anonymous said...


Nothing new and shocking since the MALAYSIA BOLEH! anthem was coined and being used in every possible and sometimes embarassing way! This should be one of them.



Juanka said...