Tuesday 22 December 2009

The first #1 bestseller for Matahari Books in over two years :-)

MPH Best-Sellers List for Week Ending Dec 20, 2009

Local Authors

1. What Your Teacher Didn’t Tell You: The Annexe Lectures (Vol. 1) by Farish A. Noor (Matahari Books) distributed by Horizon

2. Indahnya Hidup Bersyariat – Panduan Fardu Ain Lengkap Bergambar by Dato’ Ismail Kamus & Mohd. Azrul Azlen Ab. Hamid

3. Membongkar Misteri Dajjal: Berdasarkan Al-Quran & Hadith, Juga Penemuan Saintifik & Artifak-Artifak Misteri Dunia Yang Menggemparkan! by Muhammad Nuraini Maarif

4. You Can Become Rich in Property by Peter Yee

5. Diari Sufi by Siti Munazakiah

6. From Asian to Global Financial Crisis. An Asian Regulator’s View of Unfettered Finance in the 1990s and 2000s by Andrew Sheng

7. Dr Mahathir’s Selected Letters To World Leaders by Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad

8. Malaysia at Random by Editions Didier Millet

9. Ajaibnya Sedekah: Semakin Bersedekah Semakin Kaya by Muhammad Muhyidin

10. The Budget: How the Government is Spending Our Money by Teh Chi-Chang

* List supplied by MPH MidValley. The last #1 was back in November 2007.


Danielle_Corleone said...

Tahniah Amir, Dr Farish dan Matahari Books! :-) Aku baru beli buku ni semalam. belum sempat baca lagi.

irza said...

waiting for my PTPTN. Then i will get all the book.. hehe

Amir Muhammad said...


Burhan said...

congrats. bitching book cover!

Puteri Gunung Ledang said...

Nice quality. wanna pitching up the sales just follow the trend for from majapahit to putrajaya aka balik malaysia. i was sure the sales for malay books are higher than the english version. same goes to I am too Malay and saya pun melayu by Zaid ibrahim...

Amir Muhammad said...

Dear PGL,

I would love to publish more Malay books. But the problem I have with most translations is that they *read* like translations. And it isn't true that Farish's Malay books sell better than the English ones. In some cases it's the opposite: for example, I am told the Tun Ismail biography outsold its Malay translation by about 4:1. Most Malaysian book-buyers are at least bilingual, so I think most would prefer to read books in the language they were originally written in.

fay said...

is there any review anywhere on Diari sufi by Siti Munazakiah?

Amir Muhammad said...

Google is your friend!