Sunday 27 January 2008


MPH Non-Fiction Bestseller List
for the week ending 20 January 2008

1. Kuasa Di Sebalik Solat by Syaikh Jalal Muhammad Syafi'i
2. Chronicle of Malaysia by Philip Matthews
3. Ahmadinejad: Singa Baru Dunia Islam by Muhsin Labib and Ibrahim Muharam
4. Xuan Kong Flying Stars Feng Shui by Joey Yap
5. Teh Hong Piow: A Banking Thoroughbred by Paddy Bowie
6. Malaysian Politicians Say the Darndest Things Vol 1. by Amir Muhammad
7. Feng Shui For 2008 by Joey Yap
8. I Am Muslim by Dina Zaman
9. Juara Lelongan Hartanah by Azizi Ali
10. Common Cents Managing Your Wealth by Andrew Chua

# This is the 11th non-consecutive week in the chart, and the first time it is charting in 2008.

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