Wednesday 2 January 2008

Malaysian box-office 2007

1. Jangan Pandang Belakang (director: Ahmad Idham, company: Metrowealth): RM6.3 mil
2. Otai (Razak Mohaideen, Line Clear/Grand Brilliance): RM3.5 mil
3. Nana Tanjung 2 (Razak Mohaideen, Line Clear/Grand Brilliance): RM2.5 mil
4. Zombi Kampung Pisang (Mamat Khalid, Tayangan Unggul): RM2.4 mil
5. Impak Maksima (Ahmad Idham, Metrowealth): RM2.1 mil
6. Mukhsin (Yasmin Ahmad, Grand Brilliance): RM2 mil
7. Waris Jari Hantu (Shuhaimi Baba, Pesona): RM1.7 mil
8. Qabil Qhushri Qabil Igam (Zaili Sulan, Sonata): RM1.6 mil
9. Anak Halal (Osman Ali, Tayangan Unggul): RM1.5 mil [*completed screening Jan 2008]
10 = Sumolah (Afdlin Shauki, Vision Works): RM1.2 mil
10 = 9 September (Pierre Andre, Metrowealth): RM1.2 mil
12. Puaka Tebing Biru (Osman Ali, Tayangan Unggul): RM1.03 mil
13. Chermin (Zarina Abdullah, Starry Eye): RM0.8 mil
14. Orang Minyak (Jamal Maarif & C.K. Karan, Infohibur): RM0.6 mil
15. Syaitan (Bade Azmi, Tayangan Unggul): RM0.5 mil
16. Haru Biru (Shadan Hashim, JAS): RM0.4 mil
17 = Diva (Sharad Sharan, Astro Shaw): RM0.3 mil
17 = Kayangan (Raja Ahmad Alauddin, Raden Pictures): RM0.3 mil
17 = 1957: Hati Malaya (Shuhaimi Baba, Pesona): RM0.3 mil
20. Budak Lapok (Anwardi Jamil, Matahari): RM 0.2 mil
21. Cinta Yang Satu (Zulkiflie M Osman, Wan's): RM0.1 mil

a) There were only 21 films released widely last year, a drop from 26 of the previous year. This despite the fact that more films are being made than ever. What gives?
b) There are five first-time directors: Zarina, Zaili, Pierre, Osman, and the team of Jamal & C.K.
c) Sharad is the only expat; he has made a previous Bollywood movie.
d) Two of the films explicitly invoke old movies (Budak Lapok riffs on the Bujang Lapok series; and Orang Minyak does the same to the three films (one lost) with the words Orang Minyak in them.
e) Contrary to the thesis advanced by smart-alecks of the past, people stayed away most from the only film that had 'cinta' in the title!
f) The most prolific director is Razak Mohaideen who's made 21 films.
g) Two films have the directors also acting in the lead role: Sumolah and 9 September
h) In contrast to the last 2 years, there are no widely-released local feature films in languages other than Malay.
i) For some much-needed perspective: Transformers made over RM18 million in Malaysia. And Sivaji made over RM8 million. If we were to compile a Malaysian Top 10 of 2007 regardless of film origin, only one local flick would be on it.


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