Sunday 2 December 2012


My Perfect Anna
The last MALAYSIAN SHORTS of the year!

10 December. 8:15pm.
Auditorium, HELP University, Pusat Bandar Damansara KL.

Most of the directors will be present, so grab them & talk to them!

You may also VOTE for your 3 favourite shorts of the night!

Entry is FREE and open to everyone. Spread da word!


GIGI PUTIH (14 min)
Director: Shamyl Othman
A trek up Batu Caves by two friends reveals  cross-cultural confusions but also communication.

Director: Nazri M Annuar
Kita memuja bila hendakkan dia. Kemudian tak endah bila dah dapat dia. Datang menyesal bila dia meninggalkan kita.  Made in New York!

Directed by Adib Zaini & Nadia Khan
Three friends get more than their money's worth during their vacation when they bump into a politician at the hotel...

Director: James Lee
James Lee reinvents himself as an action hero!

Z (6 min)
Director: Ridhwan Saidi
Penyanyi, politikus dan …

KOPI JULIA (5 min)
Director: Tan Bee Thiam
Rashad datang ke rumah kawannya Ikram. Tak sangka pulak mak kepada Ikram ni hot. Adapted from a short story by Faizal Sulaiman.

LUPA (6 min)
Director: Megat Shahrizal
Love in the time of time-travel.

PUASA (7 min)
Directed by Nadia Khan
Ah Meng, challenged by his two Malay housemates, gives fasting a shot on the first day of Ramadhan.

Y3LLOW (12 min)
Director: Ang Yee Sien
Bulton is terminally unlucky. A twist in fate happens when an unexpected object arrives. Made in England!

MOCK MOMOK (6 min)
Director: Sheril A. Bustaman
An interview with... a man who is married to a computer.
...teeming with possibilities of horror, drama, comedy, porno
and even crossed-dissolved episodes of his life rolled into one.

Crew: Malek Abdullah, Yihwen Chen & Vanesa Kumaraa
An experimental independent film project involving people from the streets of Malaysia.

Director: Rewan Ishak
Ali wants to be a filmmaker but he is feeling uninspired and pressured with other things. He decided to go back to his home state, Perlis.


Wednesday 29 August 2012


Kelab Seni Filem Malaysia

3 September 2012

8:15pm - 10:30 pm
Auditorium HELP University, Pusat Bandar Damansara KL

A dozen new Malaysian shorts will be shown! The directors will be there to mingle

Admission is FREE and open to all!


TANPA JUDUL (2012, 27 min)
Directed by Azharr Rudin
Hati ini, apa yang ia desirkan, bisu.

DONNA MUST DIE (2011, Romania/Malaysia, 12 min)
Directed by Ismail Jamaludin & Dragos Dulea

Fred, a passive aggressive husband is confronted by his urge for revenge when his lifeless wife Donna accidentally destroys his prized possession. Donna must die! Made when the director was studying film in Romania.

LEMAN (2012, 10 min)
Directed by Ahmad Hafiz Rashid
In a quiet Malay village decades ago, only one English-educated person can read the Rumi script. So when the government posts up a sign that is not in Jawi, everyone turns to him. Best Malaysian Student Short 2012.

BONDA (2008, 6 min)
Directed by Alhafiz Burhanuddin
Memaparkan hubungan antara emak dan anak lelaki. Kasih ibu kekal hingga ke syurga, kasih anak berubah mengikut usia - zaman kanak-kanak, remaja dan dewasa.

ENOUGH (2012, 10 min)

Directed by Vickneswaran
Bass' (Hindi for 'Enough') depicts an orphan character who struggles to survive in the concrete jungle where he resorts to his artistic talents as a means of escapism and livelihood. The film is about exploitation in the art industry.

CONSCIENCE (2012, 5 min)
Directed by Nadia Khan
Shah is a screenwriter who gained fame and fortune with a critically-panned comedy written just for a quick buck. Ashamed of himself, he stows himself away from the world. One day, he receives a visit from his old friend Nik...

KAIZEN (2012, 10 min)
Directed by Shanjhey Kumar Perumal
"Don't seek, don't search, don't ask, don't knock, don't demand - relax. If you relax, it comes" - Osho.

LANGAT DI ODU (2012, 10 min)
Directed by Bebbra Charles Mailin
This film is about the longing of a mother (Nenek) for her daughter (Otto). Her daughter had run away leaving her mother to join her lover in India. Narrated by the granddaughter (Cucu) of the family. In Dusun language.

LAWAN (2012, 8 min)

Directed by Azizulhakim Salleh
This is a tale of two rival burger vendors, Boy and Mat. Their rivalry is further heightened with various customer antics.

NESAN TAK TERUKIR (2012, 12 min)
Inspired by two poems -- "Coffin Maker" by T. Alias Taib and "Dead Cloth Seller" by Aan Mansyur -- this shortfilm is about how words spoke by a man, heard by God. But those words actually become a tragedy for him

MASKED (2012, 7 min)
Directed by Khairil M Bahar
On July 10th 2012, Information, Communications & Culture Minister Rais Yatim urged martial arts practitioners to assist in fighting crime. Someone took him seriously.

THE LAST MAN (2012, 6 min, animation)

Directed by Hanif Faiq bin Mohd Hashim
A nuclear plant explosion has send out a catastrophic wave of radiation. Millions of lives have been lost. A sole survivor in Kuala Lumpur is trying to find a cure. In order to conduct his research, he needs a living human test subject.


Majulah filem untuk negara.

Saturday 18 August 2012

My wish for Hari Raya

May we have more of this:

Location: New Jersey USA

And less of this:

Location: Pemuda UMNO (unofficial) Facebook 'fan' page

Ameen. Maaf Zahir Batin.

Friday 1 June 2012


Two years ago, I was somewhat lacking in motivation to keep on curating and hosting this (due to an unpleasant encounter with someone's monstrous ego) but now I have renewed joy in doing Malaysian Shorts. Because it's all about the work, and the experience of sharing. Alhamdulillah.

Monday 4 June, starting 8:10pm, at HELP University Theaterette.

You may confirm on Facebook here.

10 short films by Malaysian directors, most of whom will be present to answer your questions.

It is FREE. No need to RESERVE, just turn up!

Vote for your 3 favourite shorts of the night!


PASAK (director: Amanda Eu) 20 minutes. 2012.
A young woman starts to feel neglected by her husband; her mother-in-law is no help either.


KASTURI (director: Ridhwan Saidi). 7 minit 2012
Sebuah phantasmagoria mengenai bedtime story, mimpi dan mitos

DEAR RIDHWAN (director: Aidil Rusli). 5 minit. 2012
A woman travels all the way to PWTC to meet an enigmatic author. What else is going on in KL on that day?

DREAMS ON FIRE (Director: Satpal Kaler) 2012, 4 min.
When the odds against Thomas are stacked high, he chose to remain true.

LIGHTBULB (Director: Nik Amir Mustapha). 2011, 7 min.
Seorang detektif (lakonan Redza Minhat) diberi anugerah @ berkebolehan untuk berhubung dengan roh @ si mati. Made for KL 48 Hours Film Project but disqualified!

COLOURS (director: Ibtisem Ben Nassib) 2 minutes. 2012
HELP American Degree Programme (ADP) student film which won an award at recent ASEF competition.

GUANG (director: Quek Shio Chuan) 14 minutes. 2011
BWM Shorts winner!

THE APPRENTICE (director: John W J Cho ) 5 minutes. 2012.
Low Kok Kee is 67. He runs a print shop in Chinatown, Kuala Lumpur. Foto Pak Tai has been faithfully serving the photography and printing needs of the local community since the 1940's.

KOPI, DONAT & BAYANGAN GADIS BERAMBUT HIJAU (Pengarah: Bebbra Charles Mailin). 14 minit. 2012
Setelah dia ditinggalkan kekasihnya, seorang pemuda begitu emo hingga ditegur keras oleh kawannya. Bila cinta tiada, mampukah kopi dan donat menyembuhnya? Adaptasi cerpen Adib Zaini.

HAJAT (director: Ng Ken Kin). 15 minit. 2012
Yati pulang ke kampungnya setelah ayahnya meninggal dunia. Di situ dia berjumpa semula dengan Samad, rakan rapatnya sejak zaman kanak-kanak lagi. Samad yang sekian lama menanam cinta terhadap Yati akan melakukan apa sahaja agar dapat bersamanya.


Monday 16 April 2012

Box-office figures for the first 15 Malaysian movies of the year

1. Ah Beng the Movie: 3 Wishes - RM7.6 million
2. Adnan Sempit 2 - RM6.82 million
3. Bujang Terlajak - RM2.60 million
4. Seefood - RM2.35 million
5. Sumpahan Kum Kum - RM2.06 million
6. Hantu Dalam Botol Kicap - RM1.86 million
7. Keramat - RM1.39 million
8. Fist of Dragon - RM1.26 million (co-production)
9. Cinta Kura Kura - RM1.17 million
10.  7 Petala Cinta - RM1.03 million
11. Azura - RM990,000
12. Bunohan - RM720,000
13. Jidin Sengal - RM710,000
14. Sesuatu Yang Tertinggal - RM690,000
15. Chantek - RM100,000

This is significant, and I think it's great news: the first time a Chinese-language local movie has beaten all other contenders. 

Did the VVIP couple that graced the premiere bring special ong?

Friday 13 April 2012

How Mark Zuckerbeg helped make the next 2 Fixi novels possible

Let me tell you how the next two Fixi novels, Dosa and Licik, came about.

In June last year I attended the Jakarta Book Fair (and was a little surprised to find it much smaller than the KL one in PWTC every year.) I also visited the offices of two publishers, Gramedia and Gagas Media, and blabbed to them about my company Buku Fixi, which at that time was a mere 2 months old! I had a vague idea that I wanted to buy rights to urban contemporary Indonesian novels, if I found any that tickled my fancy.

This is the stack I came back with:

When I got back to KL I passed the whole stack to one of the fastest readers I know: Pecah author Khairulnizam Bakeri. He gobbled all of them up and then mentioned his two favourites. So I read those two first, and was immediately charmed by:

It's a bildungsroman; or coming-of-age tale (for the non-Germans out there). About the burgeoning creativity and also sexuality of an Indonesian teenager who is studying in (of all places) Oregon. It was vulnerable and precocious; I loved the fact that so much of it took place in the laundry room, which brought back fond memories of my own coming-of-age saga when I was studying in (of all places) Norwich. But enough about me.

I considered Halo, Aku Dalam Novel for Buku Fixi but the main drawback is that it's a  wee bit short; maybe less than 50,000 words. And we wanted something around 60,000 words.

So I looked up Nuril Basri on Facebook and congratulated him. He replied, and it took him a few messages to figure out I am not Indonesian. So I introduced himself properly, as being Malaysia's most beloved writer-publisher, bla bla bla. That was when he said he had a new manuscript; it was called Bukan Perjaka (which in Malay would be Bukan Teruna) and he asked if I wanted to look at it. I said "Ya, dong!" or words to that effect.

The Word document was sent and it was just slightly over 60,000 words, which of course I took as a sign from the Almighty. I read it and thought it was even better than his previous novel. Also a coming-of-age story about teenagers and sexuality, but everything takes place smack in Indonesia. Despite a potentially explosive mix of conservative religion (the narrator Ricky is a santri, who stays and studies in an Islamic school) and non-conservative sex (the drag queens, the pimps, the gay clubs, and oh yes that photography session conducted by an Indonesian equivalent of a Datin Ghairah), it is at heart a strong tale of seemingly unlikely friendships. It's about how our real families are the ones we pick for ourselves.

I said I wanted it. Surprisingly, there is no confirmed publisher for the original version yet, so the Malaysian translation comes out first. Dosa will be out in Pesta Buku KL and the 27 year-old author will make his first trip to KL to promote it:

The other book, Licik, came about when the scriptwriter Sham Hashim sent me an email on 10 April 2011. He said: "dgn emel ni sy attach sinopsis novel sy..plan awal nak buat filem la kononnya..tapi setelah direjek berulang hilang pertimbangan & amuk!"

I read the treatment for the film-that-was-not-to-be and was immediately gripped because I love con stories. This particular one brought back fond memories of Sidney Sheldon's If Tomorrow Comes, one of my favourites from that pulpmeister. The twist (or rather, one of the twists) is that the protagonist Fira is trained in the art of the con by her father.

I encouraged him to flesh out this film treatment but months went by with nothing from him! He was simply too busy with TV scripts (syukur, ada rezeki...). New Year's Day came and there was still no draft of a novel. So I suggested to him: Why don't we get a co-writer? Since the entire synopsis is done anyway, and the Fasha Sandha movie was not going to happen, it would be such a waste!

He agreed, so we sent out a call on the Fixi Facebook page, asking if anyone would want to write a con novel based on a comprehensive synopsis and completed first 2 chapters. A few applied; one was particularly impressive because she took it upon herself to write chapter 3 all by herself, in the space of 24 hours! She is Julie Anne, so the job was given to her.

Two months later, it was done! She didn't stick entirely to the extended synopsis -- among other things, she changed a location from Kelantan to Sarawak (where she lives). So that's how the first co-authored Fixi book came about:

I would like to thank Mark Zuckerberg, because as you can see, Facebook was instrumental in getting both books published.

Have a good Friday the 13th. See you in two weeks at PWTC.

Friday 30 March 2012

How I became P. Ramlee's publisher

When I wrote 120 Malay Movies I tried to watch all of the 34 movies that P. Ramlee directed. I almost succeeded.

I even made sure to watch a rare screening of Gelora as part of a retrospective in Paris (the sexy noir is not available on VCD and is not shown on TV). So that's how I managed to watch 33 of the films.

Almost there. But my quest would never be complete. Because there is one film that is believed to be lost, forever. No one has seen it in decades. Even all the money of Sarawak Chief Minister Taib Mahmud (who is a huge P. Ramlee fan) cannot locate a single copy of the film.

And the film is Sitora Harimau Jadian (1964). It has simply been lost due to neglect.

It's sadly apt that this was the first film he directed in Kuala Lumpur; and its 'lost' status can be seen as an unfortunate foreshadow of how deleterious his KL years would prove to be for him. (When Malaysians wax nostalgic for the films of P. Ramlee, they inevitably wax nostalgic for Singapore, which is where the first 16 films he directed, from Penarik Beca (1955) to Tiga Abdul (1964), were made.)

Technically, Sitora Harimau Jadian wasn't supposed to have been well-made. Merdeka Studios in KL was simply not sufficiently equipped or financed to handle it. When a print was screened for Shaw Brothers in Singapore, the bosses walked out after a few minutes. But I spoke to Othman Hafsham who had seen it as a boy in 1964, and he remembered it as "scary" (in a good way, I presume).

Sitora Harimau Jadian would have been P. Ramlee's sole horror movie. (By contrast, Sumpah Orang Minyak was a horror movie only in its last quarter).

So 120 Malay Movies, the book, was released in late 2010, with no chapter on Sitora Harimau Jadian.

Fast forward a year.

An extremely helpful and enthusiastic ang moh, William Knox, runs The Penang Bookshelf. He wrote in his 1 October 2011 mailing-list (which I subscribe to, and which I recommend) that he would be getting almost 300 Malay books, some in Jawi, from the 1940s and 1960s. They were from "the collection of a Professor Rufus Hendon, a US linguist, who knocked about these parts between the 1940s and 1960s." This professor had bought not only text-books and several editions of Hikayat Abdullah, but he also collected pulp fiction. 

Here's how the covers look like. So I looked at that link and one title leapt out. See if you can guess which cover I mean:

Yes it's this one, in the north-east:

Hang on. A book BY P. Ramlee that was CALLED Sitora Harimau Jadian? I knew I had to have it. I sent an eager email to Mr. Knox and "reserved" a few of the books. I had no idea what would be IN the book, but I wanted it.

There were delays in getting the books shipped (from the US) and then catalogued here. It was nail-biting! So it was only on 5 March that I got hold of the four books I ordered. (This is not the space to talk about the other three.)

When I collected the Poslaju package, the first one I read was Sitora Harimau Jadian. As I had hoped, it was a novel based on the movie. Here's a sample:

The novel was published by Penerbitan Angkatan Baru in 1965. Copyright was assigned to P. Ramlee and only his name appears on the front or back cover. But the copyright page states that it is "di-cheritakan sa-mula oleh Zakaria Mohd Yassin". (Does anyone know how to get in touch with him, if he's still around?)

The novel definitely has a 'penceritaan semula' feel; reading it makes you feel like P. Ramlee is describing what happens in his movie, scene by scene. The book is slim, only 124 pages, and I'm glad it was also fleshed out with pictures from the movie (which might be the only chance we will ever get to 'see' it):

I read it in a few hours. And then had a crazy thought: What if I republished it?

The original publisher no longer exists. So I approached P. Ramlee's grandsons (who'd never seen or heard of the book). Luckily, they thought a reprint would be cool; and so the royalty payments would be going to Zakaria Nasir.

I got the novel scanned, retyped and had the spelling modernised. (Thanks to 22-year old Firliyani Jaar, who by sheer coincidence is the grandniece of one of P. Ramlee's contemporaries. S. Kadarisman.)

The story of the novel is diverting enough; it's about the apparently irreconcilable difference between superstition (tahyul) and medical science (as represented by the protagonist Dr. Effendi, played by P. Ramlee himself). It certainly helped to fill a crucial gap in my knowledge of P. Ramlee's filmography. 

Then again, if the film was as badly-made as had been reported (even the Publisher's note for the 1965 novel states that "P. Ramlee 'agak' kalah dalam perjuangan-nya") perhaps reading it would be a more satisfying experience.  We don't have to be distracted by dodgy make-up effects (especially when the transformation to become a weretiger [harimau jadian] takes place) or fight scenes without the benefit of convincing supporting actors. 

It will be published under an imprint of Buku Fixi, called Fixi Retro. The size will be smaller but the cover thicker, with a flap (like the original 1965 book). This is the 2012 cover by Teck Hee:

I hereby announce, ladies and gents, that the most famous Buku Fixi novelist is now P. Ramlee.The book will be available at next month's Pesta Buku Antarabangsa Kuala Lumpur.You may join the fan-page here.

I thank William Knox, Melissa Saila, Suria Bakar, Zakaria Nasir, Zaidee Nasir, Firliyani Jaar, Julie Anne and Teck Hee for making this possible.


Thursday 22 March 2012

Sebab sebenar KOPI tidak akan dicetak semula

Cop "Edisi Terhad" di kulit depan antologi cerpen KOPI bermaksud...jika sasaran kami betul ... kesemua 1,500 keping buku tomei-tomei ini akan habis dijual semasa Pesta Buku Antarabangsa Kuala Lumpur (27 April - 6 Mei) nanti.

Ia sudahpun soldout online dan sedang laku gila di events sekitar Semenanjung Malaysia. Antara lokasi yang telah menjualnya dalam rangka JelajahLejenFixi ialah UiTM Shah Alam, UTP Tronoh, UTeM Melaka, USM Nibong Tebal, USM Kubang Kerian, dan (mulai esok) PKNS Shah Alam. Untuk mengetahui lokasi yang terkini, silalah folo @BukuFixi kat Twitter ye?

KOPI tak akan dicetak semula sebab kesemua keuntungan daripada jualannya sedang/akan disalurkan kepada pembikinan beberapa filem pendek. Beberapa pengarah baru ("baru" sini diertikan sebagai "belum buat filem feature") diminta pilih cerpen KOPI yang mereka ingin adaptasi, dan mereka kemudian diberi sedikit dana. Terpulang kepada mereka, berapa dekat mereka nak ikut jalan cerita dalam cerpen tersebut.

Setakat ni, 8 pengarah telah dikenalpasti. Dan 3 telahpun siap.

3 pertama yang siap ni akan ditayang lusa di pelancaran KOPI. Berikut adalah teaser:

Jadi, bila dah habis biayai kesemua (8) filem pendek nanti, tidak ada duit untuk KOPI dicetak semula. Voila!

Mungkin kesemua 8 ni akan digabung dalam satu DVD untuk dipasarkan.

Filem-filem pendek KOPI merupakan langkah pertama Buku Fixi ke dalam kancah perfileman. Langkah seterusnya bergantung kepada kudrat dan niat dan ringgit. Konsep filem-filem terbitan Fixi selari dengan konsep buku yang kami terbit: urban contemporary pulp fiction. Gitu.

Friday 16 March 2012

2 novel Fixi yang pertama untuk 2012

(Sila klik di gambar untuk maklumat lanjut)

Ya konsep kulit depan berbeda dikit daripada 10 novel kami pada tahun 2011. Sebab apalah hidup tanya berhijrah sekali-sekala? (Tapi spine dan belakang dibiarkan konsisten dengan novel-novel tahun lepas. Untuk menggalakkan lagi fetisy pengumpul buku gitu.)

Desain kulit depan kalini dibuat terus oleh Teck Hee dan kami tidak gunakan jurugambar atau model. Beza Teck Hee dengan beberapa designer lain: dia akan membaca manuskrip penuh sebelum kemukakan cadangan konsep!

Bisik (judul asal: Distorsi) ialah sebuah psychological thriller yang kemas dan kinky oleh Syaihan Syafiq. Manakala Invasi (judul asal: Hero) ialah naratif ganas dan kekadang lucu pasal serangan alien; diharap Raja Faisal dapat membina following untuk novel-novel sai-fai tempatan yang tak banyak di pasaran (atau yang dibuat hanya untuk 'budak-budak').Terima kasih kepada kedua-dua penulis sebab memilih Buku Fixi untuk terbitkan novel mereka yang pertama!

Ada 4 lagi buku yang kami nak umumkan sebelum Pesta Buku Antarabangsa Kuala Lumpur (27 April - 6 Mei) nanti. Tungguuuuu!

Saturday 18 February 2012

KOPI - Antologi cerpen Fixi yang pertama

Kulit Depan:

Kata Pengenalan saya:

Dari usia remaja di alaf yang lalu hingga ke tahun 2011, saya ketagih sesuatu. Ketagihan itu tidak sihat dan saya sering cuba menghentikannya. Tiga kali cuba dan tiga kali gagal. Rupa-rupanya jawapannya ialah untuk mendapat bahan baru untuk dinikmati setiap hari; dan bahan itu adalah kopi.

Saya ingin tahu lebih tentang minuman yang adiktif ini. Ada orang yang akan pergi ke Wikipedia saja. Tapi yang bikin lebih intrig kepada saya: apakah cerita yang boleh direka oleh penulis-penulis Fixi mengenai kopi?

Pelawaan untuk menulis dihantar melalui emel pada 27 November 2011. Seminggu kemudian. hampir semua cerpen dalam buku ni siap ditulis! 'Kopi instan' yang tak sehebat kopi gourmet kah? Tapi adrenalin yang memungkinkan buku ni dihasilkan dengan kelajuan ni lebih kepada ghairah suatu 'quickie' — biarpun cepat berlalu, ia tetap menyegarkan.



KOPI 3 RASA : Shaz Johar
KOPI KOLA : Nadia Khan
CINTA KOPI : Gina Yap Lai Yoong
LUWAK DAN KRETEK : Ridhwan Saidi
KOPI PERCIK : Amal Hamsan
KAU KOPIKOKU : Dheepan Pranthaman
KOPI JANTAN KAW : Nik Adam Ahmad
CETHU : Nabila Najwa
BARISTA CINTA : Shafaza Zara Syed Yusof
HARI INDITIH : Asyraf Bakti
RITUAL : Luc Abdullah
VENTI : Redza Minhat
KOPI JULIA : Faizal Sulaiman
KOPI MIMPI : Raja Faisal

KOPI dicetak 1,500 keping khusus untuk jualan online dan di events seperti pesta buku. Memang target ialah untuk soldout semasa kami di PWTC (27 April - 6 Mei) untuk Pesta Buku Antarabangsa Kuala Lumpur nanti.

KOPI tidak akan dijual di kedai. Antara sebabnya: tauke kedai sendiri kasitau saya tahun lepas, "Cerpen mana laku. Orang nak novel jewww!"

Ironik. Sebab format cerpen itu sendiri amat relevan dengan zaman ADD kini. Tapi untuk berdekad, imej 'cerpen' di Malaysia telah dipalit oleh unsur didaktik/dakwah/patriotik yang menyebabkan ia dianggap boring.

KOPI ialah salah satu usaha untuk menunjukkan cerpen ni syok sebenarnya.

Pre-order untuk KOPI dah bermula! Kalau di Malaysia boleh order kat Fixi. Kalau di luar Malaysia boleh order di Amazon.

Kalau sudi, folo perkembangan terkini di Facebook KOPI.  

Majlis pelancaran KOPI ialah 24 Mac nanti sempena Art for Grabs di The Annexe, Central Market KL. Kami juga akan tayangkan beberapa filem pendek yang terinspirasi daripada cerpen-cerpen dalam buku nih. Jemput tonton juga!

Thursday 12 January 2012

Box-office figures for Malaysian films in 2011

1.  KL Gangster - RM11.74 million
2. Ombak Rindu - RM10.9 million
3. Hantu Bonceng - RM8.53 million
4. Kongsi - RM8.1 million
5. Khurafat - RM8.08 million
6. Nasi Lemak 2.0 - RM7 million (estimated)
7. Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa - RM6.5 million
8. Nur Kasih - RM4.93 million
9. Bini-Biniku Gangster - RM4.71 million
10. Great Day - RM4.5 million (estimated)
11. Karak - RM4.3 million
12. Suatu Malam Kubur Berasap - RM4.07 million* 
13. Homecoming - RM4 million
14. Raya Tak Jadi - RM3.64 million
15. Alamak Toyol - RM3.47 million
16. Petaling Street Warriors - RM3.4 million (estimated)
17. Aku Bukan Tomboy - RM2.55 million
18. Al Hijab - RM2.24 million
19. Songlap - RM2.13 million
20. Sekali Lagi - 2.04 million
21. Flat 3A - RM1.44 million
22. Misteri Jalan Lama - RM1.33 million
23. Sini Ada Hantu - RM1.3 million
24. Kembar Siang - RM1.2 million
25. Klip 3GP - RM1.14 million
26=Cun - RM1.1 million
26=Senjakala - RM1.1 million
28. Senario the Movie: Ops Pocot - RM1.06 million
29. Rasuk - 1.03 million
30. 321 Cinta - RM980,000
31.Libas - RM930,000
32. Papa I Love You - RM890,000*
33. Penunggu Istana - RM890,000
34. Seru - RM870,000
35. Haq - RM800,000
36. Tolong! Awek Aku Pontianak - RM760,000
37.Dilarang Masuk - RM750,000
38.... Dalam Botol - RM570,000
39. Momok Jangan Panggil Aku - RM550,000
40. Datin Ghairah - RM350,000
41. Sumpahan Puaka - RM310,000
42. Karipap-Karipap Cinta - RM280,000
43. Abuya - RM210,000
44. Ratu - RM200,000
45=Toyol Nakal - RM190,000
45=Apa Tengok-Tengok - RM190,000

* Still showing 

Gambar daripada sini ; chomel kan?