Saturday 28 July 2007

What I saw in New Delhi

Just got back from the 9th Osian's CINEFAN Festival of Asian & Arab Cinema! A delirious smorgasbord. This is what I saw, and those in bold are the ones I particularly enjoyed:

1. SANSHO THE BAILIFF (Kenji Mizoguchi/Japan/1954)

2. THE WATER MAGICIAN (Kenji Mizoguchi/ Japan/ 1933) (with live benshi performance!)

3. CAIRO STATION (Youssef Chahine/ Egypt/ 1958)

4. OPERA JAWA (Garin Nugroho/ Indonesia-Austria/ 2006)

5. A LITTLE KISS (Bahman Farmanara/ Iran/ 2005)

6. THE YACOUBIAN BUILDING ( Marwan Hamed/ Egypt/ 2006)

7.HEAVENLY KINGS ( Daniel Wu/ Hong Kong/ 2006)

8. WOVEN STORIES OF THE OTHER (Sherad Anthony Sanchez/ The Philippines/ 2007)

9. CROSSING THE DUST (Shawkat Amin Korki/ Iraq-Kurdistan-France/ 2006)

10. WOOL 100% (Mai Tominaga/ Japan/ 2006)

12. DRIVING WITH MY WIFE'S LOVER ( Kim Tai-Sik / Korea/ 2006)

13. FISHERMAN'S DAUGHTER ( Salinda Perera/ Sri Lanka/ 2007)

14. SHE AND HE (Elyes Baccar/ Tunisia/ 2006)

15. THE END OF THE ROAD (Afsaneh Monadi/ Iran/ 2007)

16. THE LAST DINING TABLE (Roh Gyeong-Tae/ Korea/ 2006)

17. RAAMI (Babak Shirinsefat/ Iran-Azerbaijan/ 2006)

18. FALAFEL (Michel Kammoun/ Lebanon-France/ 2006)

19. STRANGERS (Anand L Rai/ India/ 2007)


Asrul "iLham" Sany said...

well, welcome back to Malaysia...
i'm sure you hv fun in New Delhi...
(it's the place, aite?)

Amir Muhammad said...

the place is great.
you should have come along :-)

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Yes, he should have, he he - So many films! Me so jealous, but it's good that you're back, with plenty of souvenirs and anecdotes, I'd assume :)

Alexis A. Tioseco said...

Woven Stories only tied lah?

Amir Muhammad said...

What u talkin bout Alexis?
BTW I will be in Boracay!

Alexis A. Tioseco said...

aha! in the first press release i read it sounded as if it went to both equally!

aha again! when will you be there? stopping by manila, by any chance?

Anonymous said...

Which films were you most impressed with?

Amir Muhammad said...

erm, the ones that are in bold.

Anonymous said...

Duhhhhh, okay, the fact that some were in bold just did not compute.