Wednesday 2 April 2008

KLAB update

Just because I have not posted anything about next month's KL Alternative Bookfest in a while, don't think we have been lazy or anything. On the contrary! We (meaning mainly Zulhabri) have been working hard to fill up the tables. I am glad to report that 18 tables have been taken up by:

1. Gerakbudaya
3. Tokobuku
4. Silverfish
5. Matahari
6. Zi
7. Kinibooks
8. Monsoon
9. Suarasuara
10. Holograms
11. Sindiket Soljah
12. Sisters in Islam
13. Project OMG
14. Kakiseni (added on 3 April)
15. Bookcrossers (added 4 April)
16. Amnesty International (added 4 April)
17. MEGC (added 4 April)
18. IKD (added 4 April)

This means that registration is closed.

Four books are confirmed to be launched. One is by Kakiseni, one is called Aweks KL, one is a picture book on BERSIH, and another is about religious freedom in Malaysia. Another by Hishamuddin Rais won't be launched per se, but will be available for the first time.

The poetry slam type thing has been called off due to lack of time, but we will have a book give-away where you can, erm, give away books you don't want.

More details closer to the date!

And if you are on Facebook, you can confirm attendance here.

Poster, yet again, by Saharil!

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Anonymous said...

This is such a cool idea amir, you know next time you could host an indie filmfest as well, cos it's so hard to find indie stuff anywhere.