Monday 9 June 2008

How I will heed the PM's call

Let it not be said that I never help the government in anything.

In order to lessen the blow of the recent fuel hike – which will spill over into many other areas of our lives – I hereby commit to keep the prices of the books I publish on the low side.

I was actually planning to publish two books in hardcover (as a first edition) of around RM60, but I have decided to scrap that plan. I will stick to paperbacks and will not charge more than RM30 for any book, at least for the coming year.

This means that, alas, I may not always choose the best locally available paper, like what I have been doing so far. But I will still not use that horrid glaring 'photostat paper' so beloved of some large local publishers (those who actually make enough money to be able to afford better, if I may gratuitously add).

Times are gonna be tough. But I don't want to make 'em any tougher.


Anonymous said...

bravo! you have my vote!

mCrossings said...

Better check that price again! everything is going up, meaning, your cost is going to be up. Maybe you have to charge more than RM30.

If you charge too low, or below cost. might as well give up publishing books. Time is hard and usually, this is when we get really creative.... like cheating for more money, or in your case, might as well "publish" RM notes....

Oleh admin Bebas Malaysia said...

Caiyalaahh Amir..Ahahks.. You are true writer who wrote for the people but not for ur profitable..Aiyaaa..So hard to find people like you..One in a Million ;p ...BTW, tak kesahlah berapa pun harganya saya tetap akan membeli buku Amir kerna isinya..hahhahahahaha