Wednesday 8 October 2008


No, my column in today's Malay Mail has not been dropped. I just didn't have the time :(

But what HAVE been dropped are these two illustrations for the book that Matahari Books will be publishing. The first is for churel and the second for hantu kopek (a.k.a hantu tetek).

Both are rather fanciful, as you can see.

More details on the book will be announced tomorrow -- including how you can win free copies!


Unknown said...

heh heh. that hantu tetek is nice.brings to mind an email i got today with picture attachments claiming to be of 'china mali punya' girls.

they were captioned ' 'melamine-free milk guaranteed' ' :)

N said...

wow. VERY fanciful indeed. Malaysia's own slice of Neil Gaiman. Who's the artist? and please do tell more about the book. Yum.

Anonymous said...

Who's the illustrator? Shahril?

Dropped because of censorship or fear of?

Anonymous said...

Great, now I'll have nightmares for sure.

That second one is apparently too hot for Photobucket too. I usually come here through Bloglines, and for some reason even though the photo displays in your blog, on the RSS feed at Bloglines there's just a box that says it violates the terms of use policy or something.

Amir Muhammad said...

Yes Photobucket had deleted it, so I linked it from my hard-drive ;-)