Friday 8 May 2009

Now on DVD: "Malaysian Gods"

It's riiiight heah!

With this, I will take a break from movie-making for a few years. (And shut up you in the back who said: "Why stop at a few?"). Writing and publishing will take up most of my time from now on. There's also a dream of opening a shop ... but we shall see where that goes. 

It feels nice to have Malaysian Gods as my final movie for some time. It's a work in which I was not trying to prove any points; I was just hanging out in the spaces (both physical and historical) that have meant something to me, but which can still surprise me. I hope that those who watch it can get something out of it, too. 



Amir Muhammad said...

Only 4 copies left. That means 46 copies have been sold online. Not bad at all, thanks :-)

ni said...

Is it anything like American Gods? Where can I get it?

Amir Muhammad said...

I never read American Gods so I wouldn't know!

Iskandar Syah Ismail aka DR Bubbles said...

Tuan Amir,

Bila lagi tuan akan menulis buku "Malaysian Politician Say The Darndest Things (MPSTDT)"?

Hari ini saya ketawa besar membaca kenyataan YB Hee Yit Fong di dalam the STAR melalui link tertera di bawah:

Saya menulis (sambil ketawa) di dalam blog saya tentang hal di atas dan ingin mencadangkan agar kenyataan berdolak dalik beliau itu boleh dijadikan bahan untuk MPSTDT yang seterusnya.