Monday 28 December 2009

Some KL short shorts

I was asked to write for A City of Shared Stories: Kuala Lumpur a few weeks ago by someone at the British Council. "I don't do fiction," I sneered, and didn't think about it again.

But for some odd reason, starting yesterday, I have been posting short fiction pieces there. Hope you like, and join in the fun! The only rule (as far as I know) is that each story needs to be less than 1,600 characters long. Oh yes, and they need to relate to some part of KL, which you need to identify on the map (although I didn't do this properly in the first story. Oh well.)

Dorm Horror

1988: Sheila Majid's Niece
1980: Mosque Slippers
Alternate Merdeka Day Commercial
2008: Speed
Kumpulan Pantun (Edisi Pelajar)
Key to the City
Lipstik Babi
1997: My life as an artis
A Tale of Two Cars

What Your History Teacher Would Tell You, to Screw With Your Mind
2010: A God's Eye View
Sesudah Subuh (After the Dawn)
The Subversive Sign-Language Switch of 1998
The Mutant Panda
City Fantasy
The IC Code
Election Candidate

One-Night Stand

The Prefect
Superstar Singh
Six Dates, Seven Nights
Muhammad Ali and the Golden Girl
The Jihadist
I Didn't Know
Our Grandmother's Shah Rukh Khan Remedy

The Sex Thing with the Tempoyak

KL Vice
Taxi Tale on a Rainy Bridge
The Breakup
A Woman's Work
Suicide Blond (Part 1)
The Newly Discovered Audio Recording of the Final Encounter between Hang Tuah and Hang Jebat
Feng Shui

The Convert
Money (version 1)
Money (version 2)
Money (version 3)
Money (version 4)
Correspondence (Alternate Take)
The Beef



pye:rudz said...

saya suka cerita speed. terbaek!

alhariesz said...

at first glance as the title suggests, i thought Mosque Slippers is related to one of your shorts in "6HORTS" i watched years ago...

yet, it is another beautiful love story normally untold, and unwritten.... thanks for sharing...

Amir Muhammad said...

Thanks. I've always been intrigued by that al-Arqam settlement ;-)

gina said...

I like all your stories! :D Sememangnya creative!

Anonymous said...

1 funny, 1 cute, 1 beautiful, 1 hilarious and 1 fun. but i can totally see that alternative merdeka ad :)

encore! (and i promise will buy all matahari titles - one day).

- siew eng

Linness Yusof said...

Love the mosque slippers the best! My dad totally does that for my mom!!

Bloody hell lah the Dorm Horror one. Boleh buat iklan! Gubra betul masa baca...

Still, Lipstik Babi is the awesomest. Memang fitting with how Malaysians are. Tak pay attention, menggelabah je yang lebih.