Monday 24 May 2010

KLAB (KL Alternative Bookfest) 2010

KLAB is something initiated by the good folks at The Annexe KL, together with indie publisher Zulhabri Supian and myself. Our aim was to provide an offbeat alternative to the massive bookfair at the PWTC every year (although we support that one also lah).

It takes place in the context of Art for Grabs, where you can buy all sorts of naughty and nice things for under RM100.

Do come along and see if anything tickles your fancy! 


'izzat said...

ada buku2 indonesia tak?


Amir Muhammad said...


'izzat said...


btw, suka buku Yasmin Ahmad's Films tu.

byk benda tersirat dah tersurat. :)

Unknown said...

i'll not be in town for June 12 & 13. However, i'm sending someone to grab 'rojak'. haha

Amir Muhammad said...

Izzat, thanks!

HA, grab it!

Nin said...

Gah, what a pity; 4 days after my visit back to Malaysia. This sounds awesome!