Friday 16 July 2010

Launches and postal orders for 120 MALAY MOVIES

After two years, it's finally here!

120 Malay Movies will be launched at the Singapore Art Museum on Saturday 31 July at 4pm. I will give an hour-long talk which includes a short DVD presentation. You may confirm on Facebook here.

Why launch in Singapore? Well, because most of the films in the book were made there, of course!

There will also be a KL launch on Friday 6 August, 8pm at The Annexe Gallery, Central Market KL. This is the venue that has hosted most of my launches and I feel right at home! I've got your Facebook page riiiight here.

If you live in Malaysia and would like a copy, you may order straight from me. Email me at The books will be posted right after the Singapore launch.

For those outside Malaysia and Singapore, the book can be pre-ordered now on

The first edition (hardcover, 500 copies, 432 pages) won't be sold in the big bookshops. If and when it sells out, then a decision will be duly made on a wider release ;-)

If you need a synopsis, well, this is what Page 1 of the book looks like:


Anonymous said...

Glad we could order it straight from you with autograph requests because I'm too lazy to go to the Annexe. :)

marinahunny said...

saudara amir,

saya mau tanya psl filem susuk lagi.yg ini mmg bbrp hari fikir sbb x fhm :

suzana adalah suraya setelah dia buat susuk keramat. tp masa shasha offer tiket utk ke konsert rozana dan mona, mastura kata dia x blh pegi psl ada tmuduga. dan suraya pegi dgn kamal. dan scene yg lain menunjukkan mastura ke rmh suzana utk temuduga sedangkan pada masa yg sama suraya belum buat susuk lagi..

mcm mana ye..

thanks krn sudi menjawab.

Amir Muhammad said...

Itu interviu lain, dengan seorang 'Datuk', yg Mastura rujuk dlm dialog dg Suraya kemudian. Rambut Mastura pun gaya lain.