Wednesday 15 September 2010

NEW MALAYSIAN ESSAYS 3 is a free e-book!

You won't be able to buy New Malaysian Essays 3 anywhere.

Not because it's banned or anything, but because the book will not be a physical entity.

It will exist solely as a PDF that you can download from tomorrow onwards. You can then read it on your computer, print it out, or embed the PDF on your blog.

Check this link tomorrow, ya?

Happy Malaysia Day!

And if you need to, erm, complete the experience, you can still order *ahem* New Malaysian Essays 1 and New Malaysian Essays 2 directly from me ;-)


manglish said...


RunWitMe said...

The best things in life are free...aren't they? :)

Will be back tomorrow.

NUke_Rude said...

yeah. thanks!