Tuesday 4 January 2011

At a time when Malaysians are releasing only (a) horror movies; or (b) spoofs of horror movies, this Iranian film opens on Thursday

Song of Sparrows has taken three years to reach our shores but I'm sure is worth a look on the big screen.

I enjoyed Majid Majidi's previous films Children of Heaven, The Colour of Paradise and Baran. Yes, you may say they're sentimental, somewhat manipulative but - mon Dieu! (masya-Allah!) - that shot of the man running with the blue door alone (1:34) is enough to make us see how Cinema can connect, when it cares enough to.

For the record (not that anyone's asking) my favourite Iranian film is A Moment of Innocence by Mohsen Makhmalbaf. I also heart Sara by Dariush Mehrjui (starring the incandescent Niki Karimi), Offside by Jafar Panahi and Men at Work by Mani Haghighi (from a story by Abbas Kiarostami).


Pet Shop Boys said...

Baran is brilliantly shot. The scene in construction site is definetely of of my favorite.

jejaka anggun said...

bestnyer citer nih.... mana nak tgk?

Amir Muhammad said...

Mulai hari nih di GSC Midvalley, 1Utama & Pavilion.

Anonymous said...

mon Dieu! wohoo!!! akhirnya, sesuatu yg masuk akal..

watched "children of heaven" when i was in sekolah rendah with my other younger brothers.. huhu.. :'( one of my all-time fave..

NXT, let's demand "Mooz-Lum" @ our local cinemas!

Unknown said...

watched song of sparrows ytdy
not recommended for malays with limited creative and critical brain function :p

there's one scene where the protagonist was instructing some worker to move the ostriches to another location. the method they used is similar to what our government is doing to malaysians: blindfold them, and move them backward :|