Saturday 9 July 2011

Selangor Times short stories that I had missed

Enjoy :-)

The bad news is that entries have been very slow in coming. If there aren't any new stories, the Fiction section will have to be killed! Do send in stories (about 800 words) to Yes, there is pay.


Ad Omar said...

Salams. Question: How long do you reckon one has to wait for the editor to revert to know if one's story is accepted or not? This post of yours pushed me to send 3 pieces (i have never ever ever sent not even one to a newspaper before).

So, thanks for that. At least it pushed me to send something. Whether or not it's going to be used is secondary. :) .. there will always be other opportunities, insya-Allah.

Amir Muhammad said...

He normally responds within a week, I think. (I don't actually work for the paper or anything.) But you could always send a follow-up email to ask :-)

Ad Omar said...

Right. Of course, I'll do that! ;) Thanks for responding.