Sunday 1 July 2007

Lyrics found

(it is finally here. thanks to Chong at RTM for doing the needful).

IT Agenda Baru Negara,
Malaysia Melangkah Ke Cyberjaya,
Teknologi Hebat, Penyebar Maklumat,
Mencipta Satu Bangsa Berjaya.

IT Budayalah Hidup Kita,
Kekayaan Baru Dunia,
Cintai Pada IT,
Sejahteralah Diri.

Kenal IT
Suka IT
Pelajari Setiap Hari
IT Terkini

Oh ~ IT
Guna IT
Tingkatkan Ilmu IT
Malaysia Bistari
Terima IT
Belajar IT
Sayang IT
Guna IT

And with this, the text for the manuscript can be considered complete.


Burhan said...

you've already finished the book?!!!

Amir Muhammad said...

Well, the launch date *is* 16 September 2007 :-)

Burhan said...

and already got a cover!

razman said...

it would be great if you can find a video and put it up on youtube...after reading your column on nst...i didn't really think of it at first..but it made me realise that there were many propaganda songs on rtm back in the 1980's and 1990's...and I mean A LOT...I remember the recycle song...the telethon song...there were a couple of songs by the dikir barat group...the countless choir songs they used to show on tv..

Amir Muhammad said...

Yes yes, a found footage epic along the lines of Panorama Ephemera would be good! Been thinking about this. It can be called "Malaysian Gods."

Anonymous said...

No wonder A Samad Said become a angry man nowadays.