Sunday 29 July 2007

Serialisation begins

I have broken up the text of Malaysian Politicians Say the Darndest Things into several parts for serialisation in Off The Edge magazine. I feel like Dickens, or Saharil!

Part 1 is in the August issue, now on sale for RM6. There are, as usual, other goodies in the magazine as well dong.


Anonymous said...

Yay! Tahniah, syabas, congrats, omedeto, félicitations and all that.

Anonymous said...

Dear amir,
Im a STPM student in Msia.
i m ur gr8 fan..
i was always lukin a way 2 contact u..
bt dz is d only way 4 me.
I've heard u r supportin i guez u r 1 of those ppl who beleive in developing Malaysian cinema.
Hence i need a favour fm you abang amir.Cn u write a review about the film aathma(a msian tamil film by naga).I m v.eager 2 knw ur point of view on tat film,bcoz i've gt a strange comment on d film.I dun knw whete its right or wrong.Cn u pls giv me ur sincere comments in ur blog.Pls.Im eager 2 join d msian film industry in d future.N u r 1 of my tank u 4 ur time.

Amir Muhammad said...

Haven't seen that one yet. Why don't you write what you think about it?