Monday 6 August 2007

Publishing for dummies

The fact that my NST column has been terminated means that I have more time to devote to setting up my publishing company.

I want to publish Malaysian non-fiction books, written by myself and others. Unlike other companies, I will not be repackaging old newspaper columns. They need to be stuff written specifically as books. (Snooty, eh?)

The first one will be Malaysian Politicians Say the Darndest Things. Yes, it's coming out next month but I am only registering the company this week. I always mean to stop being a procrastinator ... one of these days.

I wanted a bilingual name and thought of Amok Books but imagine my horror that it was already taken (by a Los Angeles company, of all things)! So I will go for Matahari Books instead. After all, 'Mata Hari' has associations with English speakers too. And it sounds cheerful and life-giving, a source of good vibes.

I will go early tomorrow to the Companies Commission place in The Mall, Kuala Lumpur. This will be the first time I am starting my own 'concern' and I am right chuffed. Tune in for details!


Ted Mahsun said...

Good luck, Amir! Hope your new company's logo features a sultry white chick in 40s garb! (Aw come on! It's practically screaming for it!!!)

...But I guess a rotating ball of flaming gas is good too.

Victor Low said...

what happened? thursdays won't be the same anymore. snifff.

bibliobibuli said...

congrats and all the best with this, amir!!

Anonymous said...

hey amir, congrats and may ytour company one sail wind smooth!

Burhan said...

what does 'Mata Hari' mean for English (Anglo-American?) speakers?

you mean that famous dancer and spy that was executed during WWI?

Anonymous said...

ni macam 'the king is dead, long live the king' aje. :)

may mata hari grow - but tak besh la kolum tak ada. terasa rugi.

Amir Muhammad said...
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Amir Muhammad said...

actually when i was last terminated from the NST (in 1999) it made me go into filmmaking.

so now, there is a similar career ... boost? motivation? ntahlah. tengok je ler :-)

Anonymous said...

di bumi sinari sang MATAHARI
wap air tercipta naik angkasa
wap kembali jadi air dengan perlahan
mencurah jatuh ke bumi itulah hujan

Anonymous said...

Dear Amir,

(Great idea Ted Mahsun. What about the MataHari in the Dance of the Seven Veils, after the 7th veil, that is?)

Having missed all your NST columns, any chance of having most of them in your blog; or is there intellectual property issue with NST?

I still remember your column in early 1990's - the one titled "Abreast with developement" , the one about bras.

(We were one-time classmates in Seremban. Don't worry if you don't remember me. I forgot myself sometimes)

Anonymous said...

Dear Amir,
So now I have to wait for your books to be published! Good luck!