Friday 31 August 2007

Pre-sales: About half gone

In the space of four days, we have sold 49 of the 100 copies of Malaysian Politicians Say the Darndest Things that are reserved for pre-sales.

There are 2 weeks to go, so if you want to order, do so lah.

The book is still with the printer.

Got an email from the editor of Kakiseni offering to write a promo about the launch. This is the second media outlet (after Malaysiakini) that has expressed interest in writing about it. Will the word only be spread online?

We shall see, we shall see...


Amir Muhammad said...

Congrats to Tai of Cheras for being the 50th buyer. Woo hoo.

an--ew said...

Im wanting 5 copies of the book. Am working a way with Maybank2u. Im at foreign soil with only technical challenged family members and friends in msia.

Amir Muhammad said...

A further two buyers:

1 - to Furziah
1 - to Tham

Total of 52, with 48 to go. Will be in Singapore this weekend and will pre-sell a few then.

Amir Muhammad said...

Am in Singapore this weekend and have started pre-selling the 15 copies I brought down. I am glad that the first buyer was acclaimed Singaporean writer Alfian Sa'at. The other buyers include writer/critic Ben Slater, film producer Juan Foo, and Filipino critic Alexis Tioseco.

Yes, the book is back from the printers!


Amir Muhammad said...
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Amir Muhammad said...

another 7:

1- Jasmine
1 - Lee
1 - Nadia
4 - Nick