Monday 8 October 2007

Corporate responsibility

A certain mobile telecommunications giant has purchased 100 copies of the book to give to its employees. And I am even invited to give a talk there in early November.

This is such good news that I will consider switching to its service ... as soon as it improves its coverage.


adam and eve said...

new here,so forgive me for my extremely late comment regarding your 'the last communist'
ain't it quaint since malaysians are encouraged to increase trade with china and russia.
in fact a number of malaysians are currently studying medicine in russia and aren't we afraid of them being subverted into communism.
by the way we are sending a space tourist with russian cosmonaut.

why are these donkeys afraid of the truth/past.

kenapa bikin tak serupa cakap?.

Tok Rimau said...

Selamat Hari Raya Dude.

Anonymous said...

kejap dude, kejap bro. mana satu ni? cakap tak serupa habaq.

Praveen said...

Amir, enjoyed your talk very much. Finished your book within the day; good laughs & history lessons too. Hope to grab hold of 6horts soon. Keep up the awesome work!

Amir Muhammad said...

Thanks! I enjoyed it.