Tuesday 9 October 2007

New photo

My new profile photo was taken during the No Black Tie Merdeka Day reading this year. It's by Vignes Balasingam , who is such a talented photographer that he has succeeded in making me look not too fat. As Sam Fuller said in Win Wenders' The State of Things: "I like colour just fine, but black & white is more realistic."

PS. I enjoyed the session at No Black Tie so much (I am always wittier when the audience has had a drink or three) that I have decided to return for, erm, a solo! Jangan ke mana-mana.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Amir,

Please do add this statement in your next book, uttered by a Sarawak government official today who said that EIA studies do not require mandatory public participation because it slows down the project implementation and that "people, especially in the rural areas, did not have a high level of education and could be easily manipulated by certain non-governmental organisations (NGOs)".


Concerned Malaysia