Thursday 13 December 2007

Simultaneous book launch

A bonus! New Malaysian Essays 1 will be launched simultaneously with this:

Who is Sufian Abas? His first published short, My Chicken Story, was one of the highlights of Silverfish New Writing 1 (2001) that I edited. Weighing in at only 3 pages, it was darker, funnier and bitchier than an entire Mami Jarum movie. Then he had a few shorts in Wilayah Kutu (2005). But other than that he's been notoriously slow.

Now, inspired no doubt by the success of Malaysians who have been published abroad like Tan Twan Eng and Preeta Samarasan, he has awakened to unleash the first volume of his collected fiction!

Nantikan kemunculan
Kasut Biru Rubina: Koleksi Pop Fiskyen Untuk Jiwa2 Hadhari Vol 1. The launch is Saturday, 16 Feb, 8pm at the Annexe. But you'll be hearing about the launch many more times closer to the date, fret not.


Anonymous said...

Great cover.

Anonymous said...

ada baca this book but i didnt buy it la. my friend did. a good book. simple stories tp some of them are quite creepy.