Monday 3 December 2007

Where I will be this Sunday

Do join us!

I doubt if I will be well enough to, you know, march, but I will be there for the second half of the programme at CM.


MakLijah said...

Hi there! I will join you!!! Thank you for the video.. i will post it on my blog too. :)

I noticed you had a german named Sven Schottmann translate a few things for you in you other blog. Could i get his email add? We are old friends and I have been trying to get hold of him since forever.

If you have his contact, please add a comment on my blog (i won't publish it).

Thanks in advance. Hope to see you this Sunday!!!

Amir Muhammad said...

I assume people know that the march has been cancelled. And that the festival has been moved indoors to the Bar Council. So that is where we will be :-)