Friday 18 January 2008

The bare details


New Malaysian Essays 1
is the first of a planned annual series concentrating on local non-fiction writing. From polemic to ode to memoir, this series invites Malaysian readers – and writers – to notice, analyse and interpret the living, throbbing, squelching vitality around them. Multi-disciplinary, multi-tasking and best appreciated on multi-vitamins, this first collection takes us from Brian Yap's election-era critique to Amir Muhammad's alternative lexicon by way of Burhan Baki's elegant deconstructions, Aminuddin Mahmud's seminar on branding and Saharil Hasnin Sanin's knockabout ruminations on language before rounding off with Sonia Randhawa's stirring call for national (and therefore personal) self-realisation.

Writers: Brian Yap, Aminuddin Mahmud, Burhan Baki, Saharil Hasrin Sanin, Amir Muhammad & Sonia Randhawa

Length: 256 pages.

Size: 21cm (height) and 17.9cm (width)

Language: English (80%) and Malay (20%).

Published by Matahari Books

Design & Layout by Bright Lights at Midnight

Printed by Academe

Retail price: RM36

ISBN: 987-983-43596-1-4

National Library Catalogue-in-Publication

Launch date: 16 February 2008 (8pm; Central Market Annexe, top floor)


Howsy said...

Mahal sikit lah, beb! :P

Ada pre-order discount like last time? And do you do overseas delivery this time? :P

-_- said...

betol betol.. ada special price during the launch tak?

Amir Muhammad said...

come to the launch and find out, fatboy ;-)

Anonymous said...

ok i will ;)

Anonymous said...

where's yr launch on 16th?

Amir Muhammad said...

ah! added the info.

Amir Muhammad said...

had to change printer this morning. in fact, have to change the entire distribution plan. sheesh.

rahmahmokhtaruddin said...

i just figure out about your blog..
can i still order the book, using ur account today? or u already have distributor?

Amir Muhammad said...

It is now distributed by Gerakbudaya in most Malaysian shops. If you wanna buy online I suggest Kinibooks and you get a free book :-)