Thursday 31 January 2008

Brian's essay printed in full

Brian Yap's essay from New Malaysian Essays 1, which is called "The Trouble with Malaysia" is printed in full (minus the photographs, but including all the footnotes) in the February issue of Off the Edge magazine, which goes on sale today. Very timely considering elections are just around the corner. It takes up 9 pages, probably the longest single thing the magazine has ever published.

It's a terrific issue and includes a free, collector's-edition CD of contemporary Malaysian music, curated by Hardesh Singh and CH Lor; and a cover interview with Marina Mahathir.

Wajib beli!

I am off to France in a few hours, sans MacBook, and may not have time to post much on this blog until Feb 11. So Gong Xi Fa Cai and keep it goin' on.


Anonymous said...

hi amir muhammad, i like reading ur books even though now i seem not to have enough time..just one question, what do you think of the issue on natasha hudson plagiarising mcgrough's work and some other wirters?at least, i believe you can work wonders being you who writes for the papers..and plus i love ur cynical humorous way of writing..

Amir Muhammad said...

As Yasmin would say: I don't write for the papers lah, sayang. And the only book I have published so far takes very little time to read, honest :-)

Anonymous said...

ok..u may not write for the papers..sorry about that..just that i always come across ur articles in the papers..assumptions..well, i know ur writings dont require that much time, but i need the time to absorb what i read..and its hard nowadays..i always have the interest to get to know more of ur works since i was a student but i seem to be least i do know some of ur works though..mostly the banned ones..and i do like them..;)

Anonymous said...

I read the essay -- and much of the rest of the magazine -- and loved it! I had no idea _Schindler's List_ was banned back home. The reason given in the footnotes is, um, horrifying. Horrifying and utterly illogical, but that's another story for another time.

Ah, going to go dig up that CD and play it right now -- you know we couldn't play it in our antediluvian car, and I'd forgotten about it!

Thanks again so very much for the great time and the magazine & CD & book. It was a pleasure to meet you, and I'll try to come to Paris if I can (hey, who needs an excuse to spend a couple of days in Paris, right?). You'll post the dates on this blog?

-- Preeta