Monday 7 April 2008

Off to Buenos Aires ... for DJ duty

I do have several unfulfilled ambitions in life, but I will begin the literally long journey tomorrow towards fulfilling one of them.

I am flying to Buenos Aires to attend a film festival known as BAFICI. This is an excellent festival with one of the best programming choices I have ever seen; the fact that it has screened my previous work for 4 years in a row (from 2004 to 2007) doesn't hurt either.

I will be away for 2 weeks – but not to screen anything. I am ostensibly on the jury. But ah, that's not all.

I have also been asked to guest-DJ a festival party for one night. The email invite for this came as a bit of a surprise but then I thought: Esto es muy bueno. (This is a translation of: I found romance when I started to dance in boogie wonderland).

So the past two weeks have been spent scrambling for MP3s to play. I now have more than enough (I wanted a mix of the cheesy and the obscure – not just in life but in the playlist).

I have been on the jury in other film festivals before (once each in Indonesia, Taiwan, France and Bangladesh) but this will be my first DJ stint, so even though I'm as jittery as a virgin in a prison rodeo, it's all good!

Another Malaysian director, Liew Seng Tat, will be at the festival too. I hope he stays away from the party as he would be the only local witness if it totally flops, and I wouldn't want him to blab.

Buenos Aires! I have always wanted to visit South America; and to have the city of Borges as the intro is a double thrill. Blogging will be light (or non-existent) when I am away, so I will see yawl again on 22 April :-)


Azwan Ismail said...

I wonder what songs you have in the list. Any local hits? You should have dangdut!

Amir Muhammad said...

of course!

and this will be played too. i think you'll like it ;-)

Anonymous said...

If I were you and with the imagination of a crowd like in the picture, I would be very nervous right now.

Acceptable in the 80s really awesome!

-_- said...

Hi there DJ Amir!

Nanti jadilah DJ kat bookfest, hahaha.

Anonymous said...

city of tango! so jealous!

don't forget to go to san telmo for the weekend market. fun street musicians. they roll out upright pianos onto the streets and bang out rollickin' tunes, accompanied by strings and such. and who knew the accordion could sound so lovely.

gorgeous spanish architecture, too.

siew eng

Unknown said...

If you need any suggestions of cool stuff to do while you're in BA, look us up-- we have a ton of info in our online guidebook. We have a downloadable nightlife guide too. Have a great time at the festival!

Amir Muhammad said...

¡Muchos gracias Emily!
¡Apesadumbrado robó la foto!

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Anonymous said...

go amir go; adios amigo