Monday 23 June 2008

Greetings from Italy

This is the view from my hotel window:

I am currently at the Pesaro Film Festival, Italy, which is devoting a (don't laugh) focus on all my movies.

One of the first things I heard when I arrived this morning was a booming greeting from the German film critic Olaf Moller:"Lips to Lips is a Brechtian masterpiece!"

The very first film festival I attended (Hawaii in 2000) also had a great view, if I recall. There are 2 other Malaysians here with me and we travel by bicycle! (It's been at least a decade for me but it's true, you never forget!).

Tomorrow I will attend two of my screenings and answer questions. A special highlight is the Friday night world premiere of Susuk. I hope a special guest of the festival, Italian frightmeister Dario Argento, can turn up.

Another highlight would be the fact that I was just asked, over a great pasta lunch, whether I wanted to guest-DJ the festival closing party together with Argento's composer! It didn't take long for me to say Si.


Anonymous said...


ey, have fun nonetheless bro!

Unknown said...

Wow! Dario Argento as a guest...Matilah Jessica Harper in Suspiria!

-_- said...

have fun amir

bibliobibuli said...

really happy for you, Amir. may you be well appreciated and have a very happy time there.

Oleh admin Bebas Malaysia said...

Have a safe journey bro.. hehe.. Kinda enjoy there, make us proud!!

p/s : from ur pengacau - izwan ;p

Anonymous said...

take care Amir. All the best:)

View from HK said...

hello amir,

with some of your documentaries banned, i wonder how your fan both home and overseas could have access to your work.

greeting from HK!

Anonymous said...

eee, tak adilnya...! and yes, ur lips to lips IS a masterpiece.. still love it thgh lots of other ppl dont like it.

Anonymous said...

masterpiece eh? hahaha... after all these years! CONGRATS AGAIN BRADER!!!!