Thursday 9 October 2008

Info about the book

Title: The Malaysian Book of the Undead
Compiled by Danny Lim

Publisher: Matahari Books
Illustrations: Mohd Kadir
Layout: Kris Khaira

ISBN: 978-983-43596-4-5

Length: 115 pages
Price: RM20


The Malaysian Book of The Undead
is a compendium of multicultural ghosts, spirits and emanations. Discover their origins, characteristics, and, whenever possible, how to make sure they stay away from you.

This chatty and occasionally ironic guide is sure to come in handy each time you hear something go bump, or even “kak-kak-kak-kak-kak”, in the night.


Malacca-born Danny Lim is primarily a writer and photojournalist. His features and photo essays have been published locally and internationally by the Far Eastern Economic Review, The Smithsonian Institute, Vogue (Italy), Off The Edge, The Sun, The Edge, The Nut Graph, The Malaysian Insider and Malaysiakini. He is the winner of two local awards for a short documentary and a regional award for his feature photography. This is his first book.

Launch date: 31 October 2008. Details will be announced next week :-)

I will be giving away 10 free, autographed copies to bloggers in Malaysia who email me on 31 October at . Not a minute before that date, y'hear? And if you are not a blogger, well, it takes only a few minutes to rectify that.


Danielle_Corleone said...

gua tak tau kenapa gua mcm ketagih dengan buku-buku matahari books. gua nak kumpul semua buku-bukunya. haha.

N said...

alaah. how do u rectify not being in Malaysia? takes more than a minute! Halloween release! cool.

thinker bell said...

Mr Amir, thank you for signing my initials on the book.

KI got me the KAMI book as a gift.

budak KGV mmg best la! :D


Allan Koay 郭少樺 said...

Matahari Books are nicely designed, unlike a majority of Msian books that look like utter crap. i oso feel like collecting all of them.

sufeh said...

Wah, I really want this book!

Ted Torrence said...
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Anonymous said...

i prefer the previous cover! this one looks like a animaniac cartoon head... the other one is cooler!

Anonymous said...

i want this bok..plzzzz

Martin Bradley said...

I wonder is this book small enough for Melvyn the bomoh to hide in his trouser pocket.

mmmm pity sarongs don't have pockets!

Anonymous said...

How is promoting and encouraging fear a good thing?