Thursday 22 January 2009

News from Rotterdam

Greetings from Rotterdam!

I am here to do a 'Haunted House' installation, and to present Susuk.

I was also asked to kick off the Guest Column for the festival's daily paper. So, seeing as how there are tens of thousands of cinephiles here from all over the globe, it seemed like a plum chance to introduce a Malay film that literally no one here would have seen.

The paper is online here and I am on page 2.

Oh yes, I also did another installation at this unique place -- dubbed the world's smallest art gallery -- that changes its display every Friday. The gallery is precisely the size of a bar window display. This time, I adapted one of my favourite Malaysian short stories, and made use of some unusable furniture.


Anonymous said...

Gong Xi Fa Cai, Amir! Loved 'The Chair'. Brilliant. Looking forward to your piece on your Rotterdam experience. By the way, Sharon says you are coming to Seksan's for the reading on Jan 31. Do you by any chance have some copies of Sharanya's 'Witchcraft'? Read from her blog that you were selling them at No Black Tie. If you do, please keep one copy for me. Many thanks.

Amir Muhammad said...

Yes I do, I will bring the 5 copies I have :-)