Friday 19 June 2009

New Malaysian Essays 2: details, launch, pre-order

Title: New Malaysian Essays 2
Editor: Amir Muhammad
Publisher: Matahari Books
ISBN: 9789834359683
Pages: 288
Price: RM36 (Malaysia) / US$24 (Amazon)

Synopsis: NME2 is bigger and maybe more badass than the first. Shanon Shah squarely faces the politics of religion and Mohamad Tajuddin Mohamad Rasdi critiques 'power architecture', a subject Ridhwan Saidi also handles with witty immediacy. We then take in Amir Sharipuddin's journal of National Service, Yusuf Martin's amusing rant on the Americanisation (or is that Americanization?) of popular culture, Amir Muhammad's views on royalty, Ann Lee's secret history of leprosy, and Danny Lim's photo-essay on our newly-regained love for public demonstrations. As night falls, Andrew Ng and Jac sm Kee play twin tributes to the female undead that not only scare us but help define us.


Launch Date: The 4th of July! Those of you who will read Yusuf Martin's essay will appreciate the irony of the date.

We are having a barbecue house party to celebrate the arrival of this book. It's at 22 Lorong Rahim Kajai 13, Taman Tun Dr. Ismail. (This is the side of TTDI that is closer to the primary school than to the Pizza Hut). It starts at 8pm and ends at 11pm and the date once again is the 4th of July, which is a Saturday.

Simultaneously launching will be Elarti:ga, the latest publication by Stormkitchen. Come early to get the best cuts of meat! (If you're vegetarian, come whenever).

You can confirm on Facebook.


If you can't make it to the launch party but wanna get autographed copies, you can pre-order now! Email me at . The books will be signed by the writers at the launch and posted on 6 July.


It will start reaching bookshops the weekend of 18/19 July, though some will take longer.


Martin Bradley said...

s'funny how when things are intended to become clearer they actually become more obtuse - like maps for instance, which seem to make opaque rather than transparent.

Anonymous said...

i nak satu...!!

Amir Muhammad said...

Yusuf, the best way is just to turn up at Taman Tun and ask for directions. Some might lead you astray initially but that's part of the fun!

i am mai said...

yay I can't wait to have one! Been waiting since January (waha so early). I love reading the first one because it's very... interesting with all its Malaysianness. Hopefully the newest one would be as swell.

Am not going to go to the pre-launch but I think I'll pre order.

good luck at the pre launch!

Amir Muhammad said...

Thanks! I am curious to see how people compare this to Vol 1 :-)

Gary said...

Yes! It's finally here! The piece on the National Service sounds interesting as I could relate to that seeing that I've been to NS. Oooh... The enjoyment that's about to come!

CikMinahSayang said...

Can i order like Elarti 3 and Nme

Amir Muhammad said...

Boleh. Elarti 3 cuma RM10.

RuNNi said...

OMG i want this book.. i really want it!! been looking 4ward bout it since the 1st one!

Amir Muhammad said...

Hope to see you at the launch, then! Two of the writers are in Shah Alam!

Zeekco said...

Hi Amir,

Another great book. i bought it immeidatley when i saw it dat day and finished reading it in 2 days time! haha...

there's no way to compare both volume as different writers showcase different piece of work. And each of them has their own way of writing. i enjoyed reading it. Yusuf Martin and Danny Lim managed to cuaght my attention this time. and i like urs too.