Wednesday 25 November 2009

This is the 13th title from Matahari Books, and the last for the year. Launch party 5 December :-)


Anonymous said...

wah, nice layout!

- siew eng

Ezra said...

cantiknya! :)

Anonymous said...'s quite surprising! Amir, I've been wanting to buy books from Matahari, but I don't know if they do send books overseas. Any info the best way to get them?

Amir Muhammad said...

Well...they are all on ;-)

Anonymous said...

Cantiknya cover buku2 Matahari...sape buat ek?

WY said...

amir, awesome book. PLease publish more well researched, properly supported Malaysian 'alternative' histories. Way too many whitewash in our official PMR/SPR/SPM textbooks. Thank you - from a malaysian. :) I am building a library of your books.

btw, can you bound them properly - like the foreign publishers...? Malaysian books often feel very tardy and ...different?

Thanks again.