Monday 8 March 2010

My first published short story ;-)

From this month's Off the Edge magazine. If you've read the micro version, you will notice a few changes.

Let me know what you think!


saharil said...

love it!

p/s replied your email regarding the certots, banyak yang suka lah!

gina said...

No wonder this cerita sounds familiar! Coz I read it in the City of Shared Stories. I love ALL your stories!!

It's really funny and naughty. At the same time, it gives us hope that like they say, "There are times when silence has the loudest voice".

by the way... in 1998... I think Misha Omar belum femes lagi lah. Haha!

Naddy said...

why is off the edge getting costly these days. sob sob.

Amir Muhammad said...


Thanks for the Misha Omar correction. Nampaknya cerita tu ada 'unreliable narrator'!

gina said...

Another way of putting it is... the narrator can see the future.. like clairvoyant!

Isabelle said...

I think the word "sly" is the correct one to use for your writing. I really like how you play up the "angry woman who had no voice". Where there is humour, there is hope.