Wednesday 3 March 2010

"Yasmin Ahmad's Films" reviewed in this month's Time Out Kuala Lumpur


Burhan said...

"Amir tells that he wrote this book in two weeks during the fasting months, 'typically from 10pm to 6am'".

Staying up all night until sahur and sleeping during the day so as to reduce your fasting time is a great trick.

I wag wag wag my finger at you.

MORIBAYU said...


me baru membeli buku ini 3-4 hari yg lepas.Baru me perasan...

dasar ...dari kulit muka depan.
rupanya..sudah banyak " gigitan " yang me buat.

terima kasih .. en amir
utk sedikit ingatan ini.


gnute said...

This SH Lim writes good book reviews. So delightful lah.

Arik Yusof said...
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