Saturday 17 April 2010

A hypothetical Malaysian by-election

An MP has died
No time for condolences
The scrambling begins

Local, interviewed:
"Alive, he did nothing much
Dead, he's quite useful."

Merajuk is cute
When done by politicians
Who do not get picked

Nomination day
Alas, projectiles are hurled
Play nice-nice, children!

In this little town
The economy's booming:
Just ask the hotels

No concerts come here
The big crowds at ceramah
Make up for lost fun

"Think of all we've done
For the people here!" he roars
While the roads get paved

TV says one thing
Internet news, another
Look into your heart!

Disgruntled voter:
"I can't stand any of them!"
Potential spoilt vote

Polling day is tense
Do those buses bring phantoms?
Everyone's shouting

People wait for news
Will they say 'Takbir' or 'Foul'?
Depends on who wins

The town's quiet now
The new rep seems quite healthy
But you never know



I like! =)

Unknown said...

wow.. hmm nice haiku.. understandable by Malaysian

Amir Muhammad said...

Terima kasey!

pie said...

smart siot...