Friday 30 July 2010

Back from the printer

At 11:15 am today, the books were delivered by the printer. This is good news because the launch in Singapore is 4pm tomorrow!

It looks and feels pretty good. I really like publishing hardcovers and plan to do more!


Izmil said...

i repeat my comment from the other day:

1. you DO like hard stuff.

2. you capitalist!!!!

hard cover mahal laaa..

Chet said...

You tree slayer, you!

okedkama said...

sokong izmil, rojak can get for free trough cutyofsharedstory but i do bought it because i want u to write more,


Amir Muhammad said...

Hardcovers last longer, and so would be kept in better condition in libraries, where people can get the book for free!

But look at the book first and see if it makes sense as a paperback ;-)

Izmil said...

i hear u. it doesnt make sense as a paperback.

will find a song soon enough.

still.. you capitalist!!!

fadz said...

a must have!!!

Puteri Gunung Ledang said...

From the BOOKSELLER I am..
Pernah bace buku Story of Stuff x?
Nak kate tree slayer...byk kene blajar lg tentang paper printing..
Contoh buku yg mungkin TAK KAN jadi paperback is..INDAHNYA HIDUP BERSYARIAT...
Mungkin buku EN AMIR akan jadi begitu...Since its selling why do we make it paperback rite..MORE SALES FOR ME..LOL..
Sgt kapitalis..

Seriyesli...What imprint ek?

Chaizani said...

Congrats again Amir! :-)

The Self Center said...

loved you (ure funny like dat) at the book launch and i am already missing my copy of ROJAK *pouts*

book was given to a girlfriend later dat day but at least - i finished there and then at the arts museum over cigs and lychee tea! fave story frm rojak is about the sliipers at the masjid? *sigh*

i NEED to get another copy!

cheers and salam dari singapura!!!


Khairul H. said...

Amir, don't forget my online order (with autograph).


Ng Yi-Sheng said...

Am reading the book now whenever I go to the toilet. Lots of fun. :)

Boo Su-Lyn said...

Hi Amir. This is Su-Lyn, a reporter from The Malaysian Insider. I would like to interview you on a story I am doing on the indie publishing scene in Malaysia. Do let me know what's your email address so I can give you more details. Hope to hear from you asap. My email is

Khairul H. said...

Just to inform you that the book was waiting for me at my office today (Wed., 4th August). Thanks!

iamzade said...

I love reading hardcovers. Neways..have yet to read yours. Will do, soon.

Ain said...

Hi Amir,

I'm an MA student working on 1950s-1970s malay movies as part of my thesis (i'm looking into queer families in particular) and this book is such a great help :D

I enjoy your perspectives and your insights on Malaysian politics are beyond valuable.

Just a note though: I was quite surprised you didn't talk about Siti Zubaidah (it is probably one of my favourite malay films). I thought the inter-racial lesbian under/overtones were particularly fascinating :)

Anyhow, i hope to get my hands on a copy of Orang Macam Kita soon.

Thanks for the great read!