Friday 22 February 2013

Nominees for Poster Terbaik, the most important category of Festival Filem Malaysia

Here they are:

This seems tough. I think Seefood has the best shot at winning because it looks of 'international standard' (and the match between the title and image actually does tell a story) but...why does it have to resemble Finding Nemo a wee bit too much?

My favourite would have to be the kinetic and vivid (although, yes, a bit 'Thai action movie') 8 Jam. Simply because it's the poster that makes me most want to watch the film. So there!

Having said that, I would have chosen Bunohan hands down ... if only the film had used its thrillingly portentous teaser poster:

It captures the oneiric spirit of the actual film much better (not that I have anything against Zahiril Adzim's left nipple in the final poster, of course). I even prefer the one they did for its Oscar campaign:

Apa kata anda??

UPDATE: (Feb 25)

The big cheese of FilemKita has brought to my attention that this is Seefood's real poster (I had posted a teaser – damn you, Google Image Search!); which makes me all the more certain Seefood will win:


pisKonG said...

I'm too will choose 8 Jam for the Best Poster. Bunohan poster agak kureng

walid ali said...

saya pilih sea food..
simple senang nak faham

khys said...

poster Seefood tu ambik kat wikipedia kan? rasanya itu teaser poster saja. versi pawagam punya lain, ada tarikh tayangan, boleh tgk foto profile di