Monday 27 August 2007

Started: postal pre-orders

You are now able to pre-order Malaysian Politicians Say the Darndest Things by Maybank2u (014105120512). The first edition costs RM20 per book and I will not add extra for postage by registered mail to anywhere in Malaysia. So generous one! There is no minimum or maximum number to order.

Of course, all orders have to be made before the launch date of 16 September. After that, it will no longer be available through this method.

I shall reserve 100 copies for mail orders, and the books shall be duly posted the day before the launch. A running tally will be kept at the Comments section of this here post.

Simply let me know ( ) when payment is made and where the book should be sent.

One of the Things To Do in my quest to become a publishing tycoon is to set up a company current bank account, which costs RM2,000, but until the cash comes in the personal one shall do lah.

Other updates? The final proof pages were sent to the printer two days ago. It should be done by 10 September. Then I gave Andrew of Malaysiakini the first advance media copy (of a photocopy of the manuscript). Strangely enough, no other newspaper has asked to write about it. Mwahaha.


Anonymous said...

Is there any chance of me getting an autographed one from you if I ordered it thru maybank2u?

Howsy said...

Yes, can I have my ones autographed too? :P

Amir Muhammad said...

Sure thing. And since my signature isn't worth much I will throw in the autograph for free. Mwahaha.

shuttaflai said...

please bring it along when you come singapore next month

Anonymous said...

does the illustrator need additional work? He seems really good from the sample pages. Who's he and how do i contact him? Yes I'll be getting a copy.

Amir Muhammad said...

You can visit Shahril Nizam's blog here:

huajern said...

how to pre-order your book, number by 3rd party transfer? what does the number 014105120512 indicate, your account ?

Amir Muhammad said...

Yes, it's the account number, by 3rd party account.

Amir Muhammad said...

There have been quite a few queries over the past 22 hours, but so far 14 books have been sold (i.e. paid for):

- 5 by Azlina
- 2 by Howsy
- 5 by Aurobindo
- 1 by Jinny
- 1 by Cedawynce

All are in the Klang valley except for one in Ipoh.

86 to go!

sweech said...

hi I'd like to get one. Sounds interesting your book =D

Amir Muhammad said...

Payment for a further 11 books have been received:

- 5 by Chet
- 1 by Thayanand (Penang)
- 1 by Maizan
- 1 by Zarlina
- 1 by Rohizal (Johor)
- 1 by Lyanna
- 1 by Zida (Penang)

Bringing the total to 25.

75 to go :-)

Amir Muhammad said...
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Amir Muhammad said...

Another 13 sold, including the biggest single order (yet, haha):

- 10 by Mooreyameen
- 1 by Norhayati
- 1 by Hua Jern (Johor)
- 1 by Nor Fadzleen (Johor)

Bringing the total to 38.

62 to go :-)

Amir Muhammad said...

Another 7:

- 5 by Victor
- 2 by Joanna (Sarawak)

Total of 45. With 55 to go.

Amir Muhammad said...

A further 4:

1 - by Kamal (Kedah)
1 - by Saifullizan
1 - by Rohizal (Johor)
1 - by Wan Shahida

Total of 49 (almost half!)