Thursday 20 September 2007

Where else we will be this weekend

We are setting up a booth to flog the books at the opening of artist Sharon Chin's exhibition tomorrow, Banned Books & Other Monsters. It's a multimedia, interactive kind of exhibition, although the invitation card is intriguing enough to not use a single picture and so I have no idea what to expect...(Although Kakiseni has lots of spoilers.)

Yes, it's in the same building (but not same floor) as the launch but it should be a slightly different crowd. The 'visual arts crowd', as it were.

We will also be at KLPac just before the start of Comedy Court: 10th Anniversorry Show on Saturday night. I have been a fan of Comedy Court for as long as it has existed! Although I have not seen their recent shows, this will be a great time to catch-up.

After the Amcorp sales and buka puasa, we will be at The Attic, Bangsar, from Sunday 8pm. Apparently The Attic Book Club members have chosen it as their Book of the Month :-)


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Amir Muhammad said...

Sold 34 at KLPac and 27 at Amcorp Mall :-) The Amcorp location was not as good as the one we had last week when we sold more than 70. (The locations are assigned randomly).
Left 30 copies for The Attic for its Book Club members to then purchase directly.