Monday 10 September 2007

Launch day

As you may have gathered by now (ahem!) the book Malaysian Politicians Say the Darndest Things will be launched this Sunday, 3-5pm, at Gallery One, The Annexe Central Markket.


You may not know that on that same day, we will also be selling the book at the following venues:

- Laundry Bar The Curve & The Attic Bangsar (after midnight)
- Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall (in the afternoon, during the launch of the Chinese version of the May 13 book)
- KLPac (in the afternoon, before the 3pm play)
- Amcorp Mall flea market (10am-5pm)
- Plaza Kiara flea market (10am-5pm)

The launch-day price is RM20 because for the first print run of 1,000, I am not going through a distributor. Sales from literally the day after that, in bookstores (assuming bookstores want it!) will be RM30 because I have to share the moolah with others.

As for the Annexe launch itself, there are four bonus features:
* No speeches by VIPs but there will be readings.
* The simultaneous launch of the artist Shahril Nizam’s book If Only.
* Exhibition of Malaysian politicians by Danny Lim and Hishamuddin Rais.
* Gifts for the first 50 buyers.

There will be no food or drinks, not so much because it is Ramadhan but because we can’t afford it. This is a no-frills launch. Besides, unlike most book launches, it is open to everyone.

In the meantime, there are 41 copies still earmarked for postal pre-orders within Malaysia (Maybank2u to 014105120512 and postal address to Orders need to be received by this Thursday night.

Let’s see how many copies we can sell by the end of the launch day ☺


Readymade said...

Any plans to sell it down south in S'pore? You got fans here too y'know :)

Amir Muhammad said...
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Amir Muhammad said...

The Singapore launch will be on the last weekend of October :-)

Anonymous said...

how about online? am in Australia now, i bet lots of student would love to get their hands on the book.

Anonymous said...

Interview in Malay by MStar.

Anonymous said...

Malaysiakini news item (membership required).

Amir Muhammad said...

We won't be able to sell at KLPac today after all, since we don't have enough volunteers with cars :-(

We couldn't make it to Laundry in time, either, but had good fun selling at The Attic.

But we will be at all the other venues and i would like to 'do' KLPac and Laundry one of these days too...

Anonymous said...

any place i can buy the book in Shah alam

Chee Yong said...

I just made an order from KiniBooks and it cost me RM30 without the shipping cost.

Amir Muhammad said...

Thanks :-) It's free delivery if you live in Malaysia, though. You ordered from Singapore, I presume?

Anonymous said...

I tried to cari this book at so many bookstores in KL, tapi tak jumpa pun. How to order,bencilah duduk kat KL nih.
(mamposlah aku, email aku tulih kat sini,tapi aku dah tak larat dgn "authority".Lantaklah depa nak sabotage aku ka, apa ka, chek malaih nak pikiaq dah).thanks.

Amir Muhammad said...

Jangan gusar, jangan gentar! Semua kedai buku MPH patut ada buku ni. Dan juga Kinokuniya & Borders :-)