Wednesday 12 September 2007

Open mike!

For the launch this Sunday I would like to invite people to read their own writing. (Yes, it needs to have been written by you!)

The open-mike session should last from 3:30-4:15pm and can go on a bit further; we shall play it by ear. Just introduce yourself to me beforehand and we shall work out who goes when.

You can read prose or poetry in any language; just don't go beyond 10 minutes or I will poke you! I will be reading as well. I might take up more than 10 minutes but that's OK because I am the host.

1 comment:

sharanya said...

Hi Amir.. So sorry, I didn't see this earlier! Of course I would have brought something if I'd known. It was a nice, informal launch and I hope Shahril didn't mind that you asked me to read his poem. :)