Sunday 7 October 2007

Details of the next book

Title: New Malaysian Essays 1

Publisher: Matahari Books

Length: 250-300 pages

Dimensions: 17.8cm X 21.5cm

Brian Yap
Amir Muhammad
Burhan Baki
Aminuddin Mahmud
Saharil Hasrin Sanin
Sonia Randhawa

The first part of a planned annual series, this book features new work by 6 Malaysian writers. Each writer gets at least 30 pages to explore a non-fiction topic of his or her choice. They can be in the genre of polemic, ode, lament, journalism, memoir, travelogue, rant ... anything that rocks their boat. Published as a large-format rather than conventional paperback, with a funky design scheme, there are also pictures, drawings and advertisements galore!

Launch date: 16 February 2008.


an--ew said...

Great, i shall be in Malaysia at that time. ...

Amir Muhammad said...

bagus! the launch this time will have food...

anakabah said...

Ah cool!

Anonymous said...

Hi Amir, I'm a big fan of your writings! I'd love it if you could compile all the writings you did since your stint with NST. Especially those written during the Perforated Sheet years. When can we expect something like that to happen?

Amir Muhammad said...

Thanks! But Matahari Books (ahem!) only publishes new stuff. Old columns should remain as fish wrapping, or they will pop up for free as blog posts :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi again Amir! Im the guy who suggested you to compile your columns in a book. By the way I'm Reza. Thanks for the prompt reply! Please post the Perforated Sheet columns in your blog. I'd love to read them again...especially this one piece you did on classical sex book of the ancient chinese era. Cant remember what date it was but its hysterical!

Anonymous said...

I would definitely pay for an anthology called The Collected Crazy Horse and Perforated Sheets. And then would gladly pay a lot more to buy several copies to distribute to friends.

Failing that, I would be a very happy camper to see them pop up here for free. Very very happy.