Monday 17 December 2007

Oh look, a year-end list!

I managed to see, in the cinema, 14 of the 21 widely-released local films of the year. (There used to be a time when I would make it a point to watch all, but this year I somehow wasn't up to it).

Although no one's asking, this is my ranking anyway:

1. Mukhsin
2. Anak Halal
3. Puaka Tebing Biru
4. Zombi Kampung Pisang
5. Jangan Pandang Belakang
6. Waris Jari Hantu
7. Syaitan
8. Chermin
9. Kayangan
10. 1957 Hati Malaya
11. Diva
12. Cinta Yang Satu
13. Impak Maksima
14. Orang Minyak

I missed the following:

Haru Biru
Qabil Khushry Qabil Igam
9 September
Budak Lapok
Nana Tanjung 2

My own co-directed, much-delayed Susuk should be out sometime in the middle of next year. It's basically done, but the studio wants to release two of its other films first: Dunia Baru The Movie and Sepi. Mwahaha!


Ajami Hashim said...

ops! #11 tu miss 1 anak tangga to become ur top-10???


Anonymous said...

Oh I only watched mukhsin...
It wasn't bad...


Anonymous said...

hey where's Misi 1511??!


Amir Muhammad said...

That was a 2006 release la.